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My name is Maria Lorena and I am a former Project Analyst turned stay at home mom and home decor blogger to follow my passion for all things home

Born in Ecuador, raised in the United States. Ever since I was a little girl I've been fascinated with interior decorating and using my hands to create beautiful things to incorporate into my space.

Photo Credit:  Blush Hour Photography

When I first started on this blogging journey, not only was I super excited about beginning a new venture but also trying to fulfill a life long dream of becoming an interior decorator.  With the encouragement of my wonderful hubby, I decided to create a blog that focused on interior decorating.            

So I created Dapper House Designs, where I focused documenting our adventures in decorating our new builder grade house while we turned it into a home. After about a year or so, I realized that my blog had become so much more than an interior decorating blog. I'm a sucker for a pretty, affordable DIYs, and creating an organized, clean home is always my goal. So when I thought about the direction that I wanted to take Dapper House Designs, I couldn't help but think, does the name really fit?

So, House by the Preserve was born. A site dedicated to inspire ideas for living. I will continue to share our adventures in decorating and redecorating our builder grade house but also focus on DIY's to help create a home you love and organizing and cleaning tips to help keep your home in tip top shape.

You see, I believe that making your house into a home shouldn’t be a difficult, expensive, process but exciting and most of all fun! It isn’t about the size or location of your house, but about creating a space that's yours, that fits your budget, without sacrificing style.

Gone are the days where you spend hours dreaming about ways to create your best home by coveting beautiful Pinterest pictures...and I am here to help you get there!  

At House by the Preserve, I share home decorating ideas, DIY's, tips and tricks to create and maintain your best home. 

You ready? Let's do this!

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Photo Credit:  Blush Hour Photography

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