Closet Office

When deciding where to place a desk for myself in our house, I knew it had to be something that I could have a lot of storage and space for my computer.  My husband works from home, so we decided that he should get the primary office space and I would create something that I can have access to when I need it and be stored away when I don't.   In doing some research on Pinterest, I found a lot of ideas and was inspired by the closet office idea.  I decided that the best space would be the closet in my husband's office.  

The first thing I did was to paint the walls. If I was going to stare at a wall while I was in there, might as well make it pretty!  The color is actually a mixture of 3 paint samples that we got when trying to decide what color to pain the Great Room.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised of the color, it is a nice blue gray without being too dark.  We liked the color so much that we also painted our half bath with the same paint color!

I made a quick shopping trip to Target and got a few floating shelves to store my supplies and books.  My husband bought me this desk from as a present.  I like that it is nice and simple with a touch of metal.  On the right hand side I got the file organizer from Home Goods and on the left hand side I have a photo hanger that I bought several years ago at Pier One.  The rest of the accessories where all stuff that I had before in different rooms of the house.  I always make it a habit to "shop" around my house first before buying accessories.  I find that helps me give old pieces new life!  

Do you have a closet office?  Send me your pictures of your creation!