Living with a Builder Grade Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one the only room in the house that we have not really done a lot of changes due to the amount of money it would take to accomplish our wishlist.  So far, we have only been able to update the island pendant lights and paint the pantry door with chalkboard paint. Check out the pictures below! 

I thought that for this post I would talk about the projects that we would like to eventually do in this space.  Hoping to be able to accomplish some of these within the next year.

Below is a list of the improvements I am looking forward to completing:

1)  Pantry Shelving - The builder installed 3 wire shelves in the pantry that are just not cutting it right now.  The more weight you put on them, the more they are starting to bow.  I am just waiting to one day walk in there and find everything on the floor. I can't wait to be able to get in there and truly organize that space by installing wood shelving.  My husband and I are currently toying with the idea of doing this as DIY project.  I will keep you guys updated if we decide to move forward!

2) Back Splash - The builder installed a smaller version of tile that we have on our floors.  We don't mind it but we do wish it was something with more color and style.  I think that the back splash can really add some color to this kitchen as right now, most of the finishes are in the beige and brown tones.

3) Garden Sink - On our long term wish list for the kitchen, we really would like to install a garden sink.  We are a little hesitant because we are scared of needing to replace the entire slab of granite on the island.  Although to be honest, I wouldn't mind replacing the granite to something a little bit lighter.  Something else to add to our kitchen wishlist (Don't tell my husband)!!

4) Cabinet above the Microwave - I really want to remove this cabinet and microwave and install a stainless steel vent hood.  The cabinet right now doesn't even allow for storage because the vent is fed through it.  If we end up replacing the back splash, I would love to carry the back splash all the way up behind the hood to the ceiling.  The microwave I want to relocate to the pantry so it doesn't eat up precious counter space.

and lastly..

5)   Cabinet Drawers - Install pull out cabinet drawers throughout the kitchen like these from Home Depot.  I think that these would make our lives a whole lot easier and help the kitchen stay organized.  With the cabinets we have right now, it is hard to find stuff that is kept towards the back.  I am looking forward to being able to see exactly what I have whenever I am looking for it.

And that completes our wish list for the kitchen! Eventually we would like to get this stuff done, if our finances allow! :)  

Stay tuned as we work through the updates to this room!