Loving Pinterest

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I mean A LOT of time.  There are so many great ideas for DIYing, home decorating, and future home dreaming that I thought it would be fun to create a series in which we explore my favorite pins for the month.  And heck, everyone loves a pretty picture!

I have been scouring Pinterest lately for unique, inexpensive ideas for fall decorating and I have fallen in love with these pumpkins.  I can't imagine this being a very expensive project and the results are so cute! Check out the DIY post from pmqfortwo.com! 







This next pin is from viewalongtheway.com.  I LOVE how their laundry turned out, the before and after is amazing!!  The painted floors look incredible and what an awesome, inexpensive idea! I am so excited about this pin that it has inspired me to tackle my own laundry room which is a complete mess since we moved in.  I cannot wait to get started!






I am loving the light walls, dark trim look like this next pin.  It just gives the room such an elegant, dramatic feel and I love how the black highlights the trim.  It looks so pretty without making the room overly dark.  This pin is from Blair Harris Interior Design. Check out her website to explore the rest of the home, it looks amazing!







I have been having a really hard time with decorating our entryway.  It looks so bland and dark no matter what I put in there.  So, I have been searching for inspiration to help me get some ideas as to how to best tackle this space.  This next pin from house-of- five.com is exactly what I want to do in our house.  It is open and inviting as well as being functional.  Check out the blog for additional pictures, you won't be sorry!





Lastly for this week, this last pin is something that I am truly happy to have found on theindianspot.com.  I love having plants inside my home. They not only bring in color to a room but also are beautiful.  As a new mom, I need all the help in getting sleep that I can get! If having a few plants in my bedroom is going to help me achieve that, I am all for it!  Definitely going to this a try!