Favorite Christmas Decorations

I have been searching high and low for Christmas decorations that won't break the bank.  Now that our baby boy is here with us I am super excited to start decorating.  Can Thanksgiving get here already so that I can break out all my Christmas decor?! LOL.

In the mean time, I've been satisfying my Christmas spirit by finding some really cute stuff online.  Below is a list of some of my favorites! Hope it brings you as much joy as they have me!

Throw Pillows

I recently purchased these to spread throughout the house and let me tell you that you cannot beat the $24 price tag. I had been searching for some holiday pillows for weeks before I found these. I got 6 pillow covers for $22! These are so cute and I love that I was able to fit a 16x16 and an 18x18 pillow inserts in these. I am excited about the holiday spirit that they will spread when walking into the room.



Christmas Plates

I found these plates to help give your table some holiday love.  I like the idea of incorporating them into your current china so that you don't have to invest in a whole new holiday themed set. These plates are so cute and I like that they are all different. These plates are hand painted which makes each one a little bit special.  I cannot wait to begin using these as friends and family visit for the holidays.

A Pretty Wreath

I really like the look of this 32 in. cordless LED pre-lit wreath from Home Depot.  I am mostly loving that it's cordless and battery operated so that I don't have to worry about having wires all over the place.  And that's not even the best part, it also has a timer! How cool is that?! You don't know how many times I forget to go outside and turn off decorations, only to remember several days later.  My husband and I purchased the wreath and two teardrops and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality, they almost look real!  Cannot wait to get these up and start enjoying them.


Christmas Ornaments

This classic set of glass ornaments from Joss & Main caught my eye. The colors are beautiful and I adore the glitter detail on them. They would look great on a smaller Christmas tree or even as decor on some tree branches.  At the $11 price tag, you cannot get any better than this! I cannot wait to incorporate them into our space. 

Wrapping Paper

No Christmas tree is complete without presents underneath... and no one wants clashing wrapping paper!  That is why I love this set of wrapping paper rolls from Amazon.  This set comes with a total of six matching wrapping paper rolls for $19.99.  I like their simplicity, allowing you to get more creative with the bows and gift tags.  Some of them you could even use for other occasions.  Very much a fan of these!

What are your favorite Christmas finds this year?  Share by leaving a comment below!