A New Life for Old Candle Jars

I have a real obsession with candles, I tend to keep at least one in every room and even have a drawer full of spare ones just in case I were to run out.  I find burning them relaxing and I love decorating with them.  They come in beautiful containers of all shapes, colors, and designs that can help bring a small vignette together.

Once a candle runs out, I always feel a little bad throwing away the container.  They are so pretty! So I have been collecting a serious amount of used candles thinking I would figure out something to do with them.

So what to do with those containers once the candle has burned out?  Reuse them of course! You will find this DIY super easy.  All you need to complete this project is a butter knife. Thanks right, a butter knife and that's it!

First thing is first, take your used candle jar and place in the freezer.  I left mine in there for 24 hours, but you can do this in about two hours.  Remove the jars from the freezer and use your butter knife to begin breaking off the wax.  I start by breaking the wax on the middle of the candle and work my way out.

You will notice that the wax will come off easily in big pieces.  Once you have removed all of the wax, you may notice that the wick holder is still glued at the bottom.  I found that removing it with my hands was a lot better than trying to pry it off with the butter knife.  


Once you have removed all the wax, give the jars a good wash with warm soapy water to remove the stickiness of the wax.  If you jars have labels that you need to remove, use some orange oil to remove the sticky surface.  You can also use orange oil if the jar is still feeling sticky after washing the jar in warm soapy water.  If you are curious about other uses of orange oil, click here!  

After getting all your labels off, make sure you give the jars a good wash with warm water and soap to get the orange oil and any wax residue off.  I used soap with a rough wash cloth to make sure I got all of the wax off.  

Now you have a beautiful clean jar ready to reuse.  Check out how I have been using some of mine!

This is how I have been using a candle jar for fall.  This little plate sits on the counter or on the dinner table.

 I love how this old jar looks as a vase with some pretty roses!

We were recently advised to brush baby's teeth which left me unprepared for storing his toothbrush and toothpaste.  This old candle jar does the trick perfectly! 

A vase for pretty roses and a Q-tip and cotton pad holder for our bathroom.  Love!

I seem to always need storage for pens and pencils and what not in the office.  This old candle jar does the trick beautifully!

My favorite thus far, decorating our dining table for Christmas! I filled two old candle jars with cranberries and placed a tea candle on top.  It makes a simple table decor come together!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post.  Leave me a comment below and let me know how you reuse your candle jars?