Nursery Milk Crates Shelves DIY

I never truly realized how much stuff babies need until we were getting ready to have one of our own.   After several baby showers, we were filled to the max with stuff relatives and friends insisted was a must have for our little one.  As we were getting Lucas's room ready for his arrival, I soon realized that we were going to need a TON more storage than what I had envisioned.  Who knew that a little tiny person would have so much stuff and he wasn't even born yet!

Our house is not that big and living in Florida, we don't have the luxury of having a basement, so we have always had to think creatively when looking for storage solutions.  So my search began when looking to get shelving for above the diaper changing area.  While walking around JoAnn Fabrics, I came across some milk crates for $7.99 each and knew instantly I wanted to use them in the nursery.  (If you are interested in checking out the nursery, check out the reveal blog here!)

I headed over to Home Depot to figure out how I would hang the milk crates to the wall. I wanted to make sure that they were sturdy enough to hold anything we needed to have near the diaper changing area.  I settled on these shelf brackets, they are the same ones that we used to hang the shelves on the opposite wall and I thought they would tie in nicely in the room.  

I quickly headed home, excited to get started.  I used an electric sander to sand the milk crates to make sure my paint went on easily and smoothly.  I decided to use the same paint that I used on the toy chest.  Behr Marquee in the color "Peacock" from Home Depot.

I gave the milk crates two coats waiting at least an hour in between the coats.  Then used two 50 lb. anchors for each shelf bracket.  Plenty for what we would be using it for!  Above is the end result.  This was a fun, easy DIY that provides lots of extra room for storing the baby's medicines, pacifiers, dippers, and anything else we need at quick reach.

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