Creating our Outdoor Oasis

When we purchased our house it was a 'spec' house.   Many of the design choices were already fixed and we weren't able to change them.  One of the few things we were able to customize while the house was being built was the lanai area.  We chose to screen in this space to give us the flexibility of using it year-round and to help keep the Florida bugs out!  It has become one of my favorite spaces in our house, especially in the fall and winter!  We like to unwind outside on a cool autumn night with a glass of wine, candles, and a good meal.  This space is located right off the great room and opens by a 3 door slider.  I love being able to keep these doors open on sunny winter days and make this area an extension to our home.  It provides the perfect spot for my husband and I to reconnect after a long day.  Being new parents, we haven't had a lot of opportunities to go on date recently and the lanai provides us with the perfect atmosphere for an at home date night!

The first thing that I did in this space was hang this beautiful oil painting.  It was painted by my Grandmother and I love how it gives the illusion that you are looking out a window.  The frame was hand made by my dad using decorative wood trim from Home Depot and I painted it red to draw the eye and contrast against the beige wall.  

We then hung these soothing blue outdoor curtains that I found on Amazon.  I also made sure to get outdoor curtains rods as I wanted to make sure they lasted in the Florida weather. Not only do having curtains in this area help protect the furniture from the harsh Florida sun but also helps keep the area cooler in the summer.  I love how much hanging curtains changed the feel of this space.  Now it feels like the lanai is a continuation of the house, rather than just the backyard.   

On the left hand side of the painting, we hung the TV and right below is a mini fridge, in which we store the essentials, AKA: beer! Right below the painting, I placed this console from World Market.  I love how the mixture of the metal and wood looks against the beige wall!  We then separated this side of the lanai by placing a 5x8 area rug that my husband purchased a few years ago at World Market.  

As we spent more and more time out here, we realized that we needed comfortable seating.  I scoured the internet for an affordable yet good quality outdoor seating and landed on this outdoor sectional couch on Amazon.  We have gotten our money's worth out of this couch, it's small enough that it doesn't take over the space but big enough to be comfortable for lounging.  

We decided to make the other half of the lanai an outdoor eating area.  I started by separating the space with a different, but complementary, 5x8 outdoor area rug that we found at Ikea (they no longer have it on their website).  The dining table and chairs are both from World Market.  I really liked how the wood and metal from the dining table and the metal chairs ties together nicely with the seating area of the lanai.

I really love everything about this space, but my absolute favorite piece is the fire pit from Overstock.  When it is on, it can instantly set them mood and washes away any worries that you may have.  I really like that the gas tank is hidden away below it, making it a beautiful piece.  Many a nights have been spent with family and friends sitting by the fire enjoying each others company. 

Lastly, we decided to install two outdoor ceiling fans above both areas, further tying the spaces together.  If you are in the market for an outdoor ceiling fan that stands up to the heat and humidity, I highly recommend these that we got from Amazon.  The quality is amazing and they make the space look so much more together.   

That completes this space for now.  My husband and I do have a wish list for this space, which we can hopefully complete in the future. Subscribe and follow me on social media to stay tuned!

How do you make your outdoor space into an oasis?  Leave me a comment below!