Nautical Rope Lamp DIY

The nautical rope lamp DIY was one of the last projects that I did to complete the nursery.  If you haven't checked out the nursery yet, click here! I love this DIY because not only was it fairly easy to complete, but had a big impact.  

The best part, was that this entire project was under 20 dollars to complete! The lamp really stands out in the nursery and completes the nursing chair area.  

If you are just completing your nursery and haven't thought about putting a side table with a lamp near, I truly suggest you rethink it.  Having the side table is very convenient, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  You will be spending A LOT of time here with your baby, so it has to be an area that is comfortable and functional.

There are only 4 materials that you will need in order to complete this DIY.  1) Lamp - old or new. I used an old lamp that I had purchased at Target several years ago.  It was sitting in my closet for about 2 years to finally be repurposed! 2) Rope - I purchased a spool of rope at Home Depot for about 5 dollars (pictured below).  You will need to make sure you get enough rope to cover the entire surface of the lamp.  I ended up buying 2 spools for my project. 3) Hot Glue Gun, and lastly, 4) Hot glue gun sticks.  

Once I had all my materials ready, I was ready to start.  I started at the bottom of the lamp, right by the electrical cord.  I used a little bit of hot glue on the end of the rope so that it would not fray.  Once that dried, I was ready to start applying it around the lamp.  This process went by very quickly, applying hot glue directly on the lamp and laying the rope down.  You have to work a little fast to make sure the glue doesn't dry up on you.  I followed these steps until I reached the top of the lamp where I again used hot glue to protect the end of the rope and prevent fraying.  Easy, peasy!

I finished the lamp off by purchasing a new lamp shade that matched the nursery from At Home.  I also purchased this Nite-Nite light bulb from Amazon.  It is amazing because it allows you to turn a light on for night time feedings without having a harsh, bright light waking your baby up. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY!  Leave me a comment below and follow me on social media and let me know what you think!