Christmas DIY Pin-inspiration

I have always been a big a fan of Christmas, but since having our baby boy I am SUPER excited for the holidays.  I cannot wait to see his face as he sees our Christmas tree for the first time or explore all the new decorations that will be all over the house.  As giddy as I am as a new mom, it is making me super excited to decorate our house.  I want to make it the best Christmas for Lucas, okay, mostly for the hubby and I, not that Lucas will remember any of it!

In order to prepare and get a game plan in order for holiday decorating, I have been scouring the internet for inspiration and DIY ideas.  I have compiled a few of favorites below. I hope that they also inspire you to get in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Wreath

I cannot wait till I make this metal cookie cutter Christmas wreath! I love how it is something that you wouldn't necessarily think to use to make a Christmas decoration, but looks so pretty! This idea comes from If you click on the link, it will take you to the post that also has a video tutorial. If you have some cookie cutters laying around, take a look and see what you can make! On the video, she shows you how to make the wreath with paper clips if you want to make sure you are able to reuse the cookie cutters.  How cool is that?! by Ronique Gibson by Ronique Gibson

Night Before Christmas Box by Susan by Susan

This next pin has got to be one of my favorites for this year.  I cannot wait to get this tradition started with our little family.  I can picture all of us wearing the same PJs, watching Christmas movies, sipping on some yummy hot chocolate.  I love that for the kids, it will give them something to open the day before Christmas to get them excited for the big day.   This pin is from  Make sure you check out the post for a free printable label to complete this box! Love!!

Displaying Holiday Greeting Cards

Greener Grass Handmade by Melissa Dark

Greener Grass Handmade by Melissa Dark

Every year we get tons of beautiful Christmas cards and I always feel like I should do something with them.  So I tend to collect them on my desk, with the intention of doing something to display them.  That day never comes and I end up cluttering my work space.  This is a nice, inexpensive way to solve this dilemma.  Not only does it allow you to display beautiful holiday cards from friends and family but also provides a pretty way to display them for all to enjoy.  I plan on doing this in our laundry room.  I am a firm believer of decorating every room and love the simplicity of this one.  This pin is from Greener Grass Handmade.  Click on the link to learn how she created this simple DIY!

Buffalo Check Throw Pillow by Heidi. by Heidi.

I adore this next pin because not only is it cheap but also appears to be pretty simple to do.  I cannot wait to give this a try myself! I have been on the hunt for cheap holiday accent pillows but have been hesitant because they can get pretty pricey after adding all of the up.  This DIY is from  If you follow the link, it will walk you through step by step on how to create this DIY.  Such a great idea and you cannot beat the $3 price tag!

NOEL Sign by Kim Wilson. by Kim Wilson.

I am loving this Pottery Barn look alike by  This is definitely on my list of many DIYs to do this holiday season. The blog post makes the process look so easy and effortless, I cannot wait to get my hands on this project!  These craft letters can be found everywhere now, even at your local Target store and are pretty cheap as well.  Make sure you check out Blogger Kim Wilson's post as she shows the faux wood painting technique to complete this look. 







Hope you guys enjoyed these pins as much as I did collecting them. Be sure to check back in for my Christmas home tour where you will see many of these DIYs and more!