How to Clean your Kitchen Cabinets...Without Harsh Chemicals!

Do you clean your kitchen cabinets regularly? Or are you like me and never cleaned them before? That is, until now!

I never really thought about cleaning my kitchen cabinets until we bought a house. I noticed that no matter how much I wiped the cabinets, they always looked a little greasy lately and it was driving me a bit nuts.  Regular counter spray was not cutting it and good old elbow greasy was not doing me any favors. So, after doing a little research and placing an order at my favorite online cleaning supply store, Grove Collaborative, I was ready to tackle my kitchen.

**This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission should you chose to purchase something. This is at no additional cost to you. 

I was hesitant about using any harsh chemicals on the cabinets because I didn't want to ruin them or strip the paint off. So I decided to use Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Concentrate. I am a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers products and already use many of them throughout my home.  

I simply mixed 1/8 of a cup (about two tablespoons) of the concentrate with water in a large bowl. That small amount of the concentrate was strong enough for me to clean my ENTIRE kitchen! I was honestly impressed about this concentrate and after this experience, I will be using it a lot more throughout my house.  

I then used a microfiber cloth and soaked it in the mixture and with that I cleaned every single cabinet door and handles.  It did the trick in removing years worth of grease that was stuck on the cabinets above the stove.  I even used it to clean the appliances and removed any caked on food, came off like magic! I barely had to scrub! 

Take a look at how sparkling clean the kitchen looks now! Who knew that cleaning the kitchen cabinets would make me so happy?! 

The cabinets above the stove were a mess but here they look like new.  

The microwave, stove, sink and fridge all got a wipe down with Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Concentrate.

There is something magical about a clean kitchen, no?!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are exited as I am about having a clean kitchen to wake up to every morning! Leave me a comment below and let me know what are your favorite products to clean your kitchen?