How to make faux flowers look REAL

Don't you love the look of a beautiful flower arrangement in your home? I get giddy with happiness every time the hubby comes home with a bouquet.  I immediately start decorating in my mind; where I will put them, how I will arrange them, and how I can make them last longer. Unfortunately for me, the budget does't allow for my weekly fresh flower obsession. So in between those times that I happen to not have any fresh flowers in the house, I cope by using faux flowers.

I know, you read right. F A U X flowers.  It's not as bad as you is all in how you arrange them! I think that I have finally found the tricks to make faux flowers look beautiful and sometimes not even noticeable that they are not the real thing. I have gathered all my favorite tips and tricks to accomplish the 'make faux look real' look.

Make sure you buy quality faux flowers.

When shopping around at your favorite home goods/craft store make sure you chose flowers that look like the real thing.  That means paying attention to color, feel, and look.  For example, there is nothing more that screams fake than flowers that are shooting straight up.  Natural flowers have movement in them. Another giveaway is color - if the color of the fake flowers do not really exist in nature, then stay away.  It will scream fake no matter what you do.  

Separate and trim.

This is my favorite part about getting an arrangement together.  I treat them the same way I would real flowers.  I separate and trim the flowers to the appropriate length of the vase that I am going to be using.  Make sure you use wire cutters when separating the flowers or else you risk the chance of ruining your scissors.  

Use only a few similar colors.

The easiest arrangements are ones where you use the same flower throughout. This makes any faux flower look beautiful and most importantly, real.  Try to keep it between 2-3 colors to ensure your arrangement looks natural and elegant. 

Add interest.

When using clear vases, adding rocks, moss, even water can help make your arrangement look complete. Anything that you would normally use with real flowers is a good choice.  

Sit back and enjoy your arrangement!

Just make sure you don't forget to dust your flowers every once in a while because nothing screams fake more than dust on flower leaves and petals.

Do you use faux flowers around your home?  Leave me a comment below and share how you give them the 'real' look!