Guest Room

The guest room is one of the last rooms that we have tackled in our home.  It is one of those rooms where furniture pieces that we are not ready to part with goes to live for a bit before we actually make the move to get it out of the house.  

This is not a room that I want to invest a lot of money into because we are hoping to give our baby boy a brother or a sister and this room will then become a nursery.  In the mean time, I want to be sure that guests that come to stay with us, have a comfortable, warm space that reflects the decor throughout the rest of the house.

This is a little harder said than done, since like I mentioned, this room is where our old furniture goes to die, lol. 

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First thing is first, we decided to paint the walls a lovely light gray by Behr Marquee from the Home Depot called "Natural Gray." We had this paint left over from the entryway makeover and I love it because it makes the room feel a little more modern and bright.  If you have read some of my past posts, then you will know that I absolutely love this wall color and are slowly painting all the rooms in our home in this shade. I find that it is very versatile and I can add accent pieces with different colors and have it look amazing.  Even if we have another little boy or girl, I plan on keeping the walls this color so that I can use accent colors depending on how the nursery decor pans out.

Now this room is fairly small, so there isn't a lot of room for lots of furniture pieces. That meant keeping things simple. I added a platform queen size bed that I DIY'd with the help of my dad. Check out the post here if you are interested in learning how we made it.   Also make sure you subscribe below so you can make sure to never miss out again!

I decided to keep the bedding simple and elegant in classic white. I love how the white looks against the dark wood and instantly makes the room feel a lot brighter.  Next to the bed, I placed a night stand that used to belong to my husband from his bachelor days.  I think it works perfect in the space.  I then added a few accessories to add pops of color and interest, including Florida restaurant and tourist guides to peak my guests interest.

On the wall across the bed, I placed this bench that we purchased at World Market years ago. It provides guests with a little spot to sit and put on their shoes or lay their clothes.  In the slots, I selected a few books so that guests will have plenty of choices when selecting their reading material.  I then, layered an Ikea desk above it for some color and interest.

Above it, we placed this three paintings that were painted by my grandmother years ago. I love the pops of green and definitely is the piece that brings the most color to the room.

We added a sofa chair that I layered with a blanket and throw pillow for the comfort of our guests. It is quite comfortable and peaceful to sit with a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the view out the window.

The curtains are from Kirklands which I decided to purchase in red to bring out some of the red tones in my grandmothers painting.  I truly love how simple and colorful this room turned out and I am sure out guests will love staying here as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment below - what do you make sure you do before guests arrive?