How to Reupholster a FIVE easy steps!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@dapperhouseblog), you know that I had been searching for a new dining room area rug for a while now. I was so super excited when about a month ago, our little neighborhood decided to have a garage sale! This allowed me to sell my old area rug and use the funds towards a new one! Yay!

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As soon as the garage sale was over, I searched and searched online for deals on a specific rug that I had my eye on. After several days of researching, I found it at at a price that I couldn't refuse! 

Once I rolled it out and set it up with our dining set, I knew that I would have to reupholster the chairs to match. The previous upholstery was busy and bright since the rug was more graphic. This rug is an antiqued version of a Persian rug, so I decided that the best upholstery would be one without pattern, but with color to bring out the yellow tones from the rug.

Check out my steps to reupholster a chair - the easy way!

Remove current upholstery

When I had previously reupholstered these chairs, I used upholstery nails because they were tons cheaper than investing in a staple gun. Removing the nails was super easy and I was able to do it with my hands, lightly and firmly pulling the upholstery up. If yours has staples, make sure you grab pliers to help you pull the staples off.

Cut your new upholstery to size

I simply used the old upholstery as my pattern. I used my kitchen counter as my work area and laid out the new upholstery fabric on top. Next, I layered the old fabric on top of the new and simply started cutting. You want to be sure you cut in a straight line, but it doesn't have to be perfect as the edges will not be visible.

Check out the condition of your chair seat

In order the get a comfortable chair, you want to take the time to check out the condition of the seat. Since I had reupholstered my chairs about two years ago, the condition of the foam and batting was still great, so I decided to reuse these. Previously, I had replaced both the foam and batting and it made a world of difference in the comfort and look of the seat.

Now you are ready to start installing the new fabric

I found that the easiest way to start if by starting with one edge of the seat towards the middle and working my way towards the sides, making sure to leave 3-4 inches loose once I got to the corners. Trust me, this will make your corners a whole lot prettier.

I then continued with the opposite side that I first started on. Making sure to start in the middle and pulling my fabric taught. You want to make sure you pay extra attention when using fabric with a pattern, if you pull hard, you may shift the pattern and have it not be centered, so take your time and continue nailing each side leaving the corners undone.

Tackling the corners!

1. Pull the fabric taught towards the middle of the seat.

2. Insert your nail

3. Pull one side towards the opposite corner taught and insert nail. 

4. Fold the other side of the corner towards the opposite corner and insert a nail.

5. Trim excess fabric!

Don't be intimidated by the corners, it is really not as hard as it looks. Just keep in mind that you can play with the fabric, shaping it until you are happy and then begin to place nails or staples. Start by pulling the fabric at the corners taught towards the center of the seat and place a nail. Then, fold one side over the center, pulling taught and placing another nail or staple. Repeat with the other side. Once you are done, don't forget to trim the excess fabric!

Sit back and enjoy your result!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What has your experience been in reupholstering a chair? Leave me a comment below!