Five Easy Ways to Add a Pop of Fall to your Bedroom

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One of my favorite rooms to decorate as the seasons change is the bedroom. It's a space that we spend time in every day but somehow seems to get neglected. I try to pay extra attention to my sleeping space because as a new mom, I spend many a sleepless nights in my bedroom so might as well have something nice to look at and decor that makes me happy!

Now, you don't have to revamp the whole space to change up the look of your bedroom. I do small, simple changes that have big impact to refresh my space and it makes all the difference! It's amazing what a little rearranging and fresh linens can do a room!

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Take a look below at my top five favorite ways to refresh and a little pop of fall to the bedroom. 

Change up the Bedding

I always start with the bedding because it can instantly change the look and feel of the room. For spring and summer I like keeping things light and bright with whites and neutrals. But for fall and winter, I tend to gravitate towards darker, moody colors. I love the pop of color that they bring to my mostly neutral bedroom. This fall, I decided to pull out a red duvet cover that I purchased a few years ago from West Elm. It looks perfect with my two mustard yellow throw pillows that I keep on my bed year round. I decided to keep the sheets white since the duvet cover is so bright. Instant update that looks like a million bucks but worth a lot less!

Update Flowers

As you know, I am a big fan of having flowers throughout my home. Either real or faux, I love having them around because they instantly bring life into a space. As the seasons change, I love changing the flowers above my bed in the DIY flower holders we made. It's such a nice, inexpensive way to add color to our room. This year, I decided to change my spring grasses to eucalyptus. It smells SO good and they are absolutely beautiful. There's something about eucalyptus that reminds me so much of fall and they look so good above the bed. Makes me smile every time I walk into the room!

Add a Cozy Throw

There is nothing more that screams fall than having cozy, warm throw around to be ready whenever you may need it as the temperature drops. I love pulling out a throw and layering it my bed so that it's ready whenever I may need it. not only does it add a nice pop of color to the bed but it's also is useful to have around. 

Light a Fall Scented Candle

I love switching my candles around in my bedroom as the seasons change. Adding a nice fall scent is the perfect way to add that special little something to complete a space. Not only is it nice to see the candle flickering but also relaxing! I sometimes like to light a candle for a little bit before bed as it helps me relax and decompress from a busy day. 

Add a Few Select Pieces of Fall Decor

A super inexpensive way to update your bedroom for fall is to select a few fall pieces to bring into the room. Try a fall wreath, a basket to store extra throw pillows and blankets, and a cozy rug to keep your feet warm as you get out of bed are a great way to add a little fall to your bedroom. 

I hope this post helps you think of ways to add a little fall to your bedroom! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you like to do to add a little fall to your sleeping space?




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