2018 Holiday Planner

Are you an early holiday shopper or are you a last minute shopper? I used to be a last minute shopper and it used to stress me out so much! I would try to budget and it always felt that I blew my budget out of the water because I was pressed for time rather than looking for a good deal. A few years ago, I decided to take action.

I began creating a rough version of my holiday planner that you see today. It was amazing to be fully done with my holiday planning and shopping with a few weeks to spare. Not only did I save money that year, but I felt that I gave better gifts as well. I had time to plan and put thought into the gifts rather than just purchasing whatever was in front of me.

This year, my holiday planner has been expanded to include meal planning for not just Christmas, but for Thanksgiving. Making planning holiday meals a breeze! I also added the ultimate guest room checklist to hep you prepare a space that welcomes your guests and relieves your stress!

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Happy Planning!