7 Ideas to Decorate around a TV

Do you have that one space in your home that you just aren't sure how to begin decorating?

Just me? I hope I'm not alone! 

One of the areas that I've been struggling to decorate ever since we moved into our home is the wall that houses our TV. My dear husband is very proud of his 70 inch TV and it's definitely the focal point of our family room. I'm okay with that, but I would like to be able to disguise a little or at least not have it be so in your face.

Right now, I feel like you turn the corner and all you see is a big black screen. I had previously thought that painting the wall a dark blue would help disguise it but it just made the room feel dark. So when we were in the process of painting our entire home a light gray, we painted over the blue to give the space a little more light. Now I'm afraid that the room looks a little dull. 

If you have the same issue as me, here are 7 ideas to decorate around a TV:

Gallery Wall

Using a wall to ceiling gallery wall like the one below from Emily Henderson is a way to disguise your TV. I love how the TV isn't the focal point, allowing the art to take center stage.

Hide the TV

A perfect way to disguise a TV is by hiding it! Shanty 2 Chic shows us how to build an amazing media console with barn doors! Don't want to see your TV? Simply close the doors and make it disappear! Check out all the details and instructions on how to make your own here.

Add Accessories

Decorate around the TV with accessories and art and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much it can disguise the television. I love how Home Made Lovely used books to bring attention to the TV stand rather than the TV.

Nap Time Decorator shows us how to use lanterns by flanking both sides of the TV. I love this look because it's so simple yet a little different than going the gallery wall look.

Use Shelves

A way that I'm currently drawing attention away from the TV in our family room is by flanking it on one side with shelves. The shelves not only allow me to turn the attention away from the TV but also give me plenty of room to display my favorite decor pieces.

Source: House by the Preserve

Source: House by the Preserve

Source: House by the Preserve

Source: House by the Preserve

Build a Niche

Another option you may want to consider is building a niche to store your TV. It's a way to make the TV part of the space rather than a focal point. You could even add doors like the one below or art in front of the television so when it's not in use it can be completely hidden away!

Source:  BHG

Source: BHG

Beside a Fireplace

If putting a TV above a fireplace gets a big NO from you, then placing it beside the fireplace may work. This allows the fireplace to remain the main focal point without having to share it with a television above it. By mirroring the design on the other side, it allows for the focal point to remain on the fireplace. 

Source:  BHG

Source: BHG

Make it an Art Piece

If your funds allow it, you may want to consider investing in a TV that disguises into art. Like the Samsung Frame TV.  Every day I pray that our current TV breaks down so we can replace it with this one. LOL!! I absolutely love that this TV is customizable to your home decor allowing you to chose the frame color and the art that's displayed.

What's your favorite way to decorate around a TV? 

Until next time, happy decorating!

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