Four Simple Ways to Style a Kitchen

As I'm transitioning my decor as the seasons change, one of the last rooms in my house that I like to tackle is the kitchen. I don't like to do much in here because I like to have my counters clutter free, but there are a few certain decor items that I like to introduce in order to bring life and personality to the space.

My kitchen tends to be pretty neutral with the beige and brown color scheme that I hope to one day brighten up a bit. But for now, I'm working with what I have and like to brighten the space with these four simple ways to style the kitchen.

Display pretty everyday used items

I like to add some color to my counter's and help break up some of the beige tones by using a pretty white plate and dressing it with some of my everyday used items when cooking. I keep a pretty teal coffee cup where I store all my silver spoons that I use to add ingredients while cooking. A stainless steal olive oil bottle keeps my favorite oil at reach at all times and I love changing up my salt and pepper shaker's as the season's change. These owl ones from Target are my favorite to display in the winter months! A pretty little white crock to store our butter finishes off the look.

Utilize Cutting Boards and Pretty Plates

A functional yet pretty way to display decor is by using your pretty cutting boards. I like to use a wood one to dress up our gas range when it's not in use. I like to have a candle going after cooking meals so making it pretty on top of the cutting board is my favorite way to display my favorite candles. Dress it up even more with a marble mortar and pestle and my favorite salt and pepper shakers.

Using pretty plates in different shapes and sizes are not only functional, but also pretty! By standing them up on the side leaning against the backsplash allows you to bring color into the space without doing something drastic like tearing up the boring beige backsplash!

Bring in color with flowers

I usually like to keep my island pretty clear of items so that it doesn't clutter your view into the space. You will usually see my island bare or with a pretty flower arrangement on display. They not only help bring in more color when I'm craving it but also help make the kitchen feel lived in with some pretty flowers on display.

Display your favorite recipe

I purchased this wood recipe holder cutting board a few years ago as I was always struggling to find ways to read my recipes while cooking. This not only helps keep them clean but also allows me to quickly see the next step when cooking. When not in use, I like to display some of my favorite recipes by leaving a cook book open or a recipe cut out on display. There's nothing more motivating to eat at home and create a home cooked meal with the recipe on display ready for you to get started.

I hope these simple tips help you bring some style into your kitchen decor by using items that you already own or have around your home. Any item that makes you happy to look at it should be displayed!

Happy Decorating!