How to Make an Inexpensive Custom Size Curtain Rod

We have a new addition to our home! It's a super simple update that brought a ton of color into our space.

If you're following me on Instagram (@housebythepreserve), then you know that we've been busy painting the walls in our home to a very light gray. We recently finished painting the great room and gave the dining room a little makeover with an arched plate gallery wall and a painted IKEA table makeover. 

In order to highlight the high ceilings in this room and bring in some color, we decided to add non-functional curtains to the sides of our three door slider. I didn't want to have a curtain rod the entire length of the 3-door slider, so we decided to DIY our own 24" curtain rods. Keep reading if you want to learn how to make your own inexpensive custom sized curtain rods.


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  1. 4 IKEA Racka Curtain Rods - $1.99 each
  2. 4 IKEA Blast Finials - $7.99/pair
  3. 4 IKEA Betydlig Wall Brackets - $1.49
  4. Pipe Cutter
  5. Curtains - We chose these.


Now you may be asking yourself after reading the materials list is "why do you need FOUR curtain rods when you are only making TWO?" It will all make sense once we start going through the steps so just bear with me.

Measure, Measure, Measure!

I needed a curtain rod that was about 2 feet long. After searching high and low for an affordable curtain rod without much success, I began exploring making my own. While browsing the curtains at IKEA, I found the Racka curtain rod for $1.99. But the smallest it would go is 28 inches long and I needed mine to be 24 inches. So I decided to buy 4 rods total so that I could use the end cap of one and cut the other one to my desired length.

FYI - I couldn't use the other end of the rod from the same IKEA curtain rod that I would cut to size because they are different diameters in order to allow you to customize the length (between 28"- 47").

Determine length of your desired curtain rod

Determine length of your desired curtain rod

Re-check measurements BEFORE you begin cutting.

Make your Cut using a Pipe Cutter

The trick to using a pipe cutter is to go slow. Once you've determined the length and have marked your curtain rod where you need to cut, attach the pipe cutter at your mark. Be sure not to over tighten or you'll bend the curtain rod. Slowly start turning the pipe cutter around the curtain rod and with each turn tighten the pipe cutter a little bit more. Slowly but surely, you will cut through the rod giving you a nice clean edge. 

Slowly start turning the pipe cutter.

With each turn, tighten the pipe cutter a little bit more until your cut through.

Remove the end cap 

As mentioned above, the end cap is why you want to buy 4 curtain rods. If you try to use the end cap from the other end of the curtain rod that you cut, you will soon learn that they are different diameters. I wanted to make sure I had a secure end cap on the end of my curtain rod because I needed to attach the IKEA Blast finials. Since they are glass and a little heavy, I couldn't just imply glue them to end of the rod. Plus at $1.99 a rod, it wasn't a big expense to make sure I had the right pieces to attach the finials.

Use a butter knife to help you remove the end cap of your extra curtain rod.

Once you are able to get the knife under the cap, you can slowly begin to pull it off.

End cap is almost removed!

Attach the end cap to your custom sized rod.

Now you have a perfect set up to attach your finials!

Install Wall Brackets

I purchased 4 wall brackets at IKEA to help me hang the rods on the wall. I didn't get too fancy with the bracket because I knew that I wanted them to be hidden from view behind the curtains. Follow the instructions included with the wall bracket for install.

Attaching the wall bracket to the wall.

Wall bracket install is complete!

This is what our great room looks like now:


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it it useful.

Until next time, happy DIYing!