Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Color

Selecting the right paint color can be key for giving your space a finished look. Color can instantly set the tone for the space and allow your personality to shine through. A moody space will feel right at home with a deep, dark color, while a bright and light space will fit right in with a more neutral tone.

A moody gray helps create a cozy master bedroom retreat.

An accent wall color can instantly update a space.

But choosing the right color can sometimes be a little harder than one would think. There are a lot of variables that can have an effect on how the color will look in a space, so your color choice will have to keep several things in mind.

Feeling overwhelmed selecting your paint colors for your home interiors?

Don't worry, I've got you covered! I'm sharing my best tips for selecting the perfect color for your space without any regrets!

Style the room FIRST

Selecting big ticket items for the room first will help you narrow down your color choices.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: decorate your room first with items that you love and leave the painting last. Or at least select your big pieces of furniture first. By allowing yourself time to select your furniture pieces, you'll be able to get color inspiration from the pieces selected. For example, in our living room, I knew that I wanted a large sectional couch in a neutral color because I LOVE changing up my decor. A neutral couch allows me to change the color scheme as much as my little heart desires without costing too much money. Once I had the couch and area rug selected, I knew that I wanted an accent wall of a deep blue to help bring out tones from the rug and give the large room a cozy feeling.

Take note of the decor in your home that you love and look to carry that throughout your space with color.

Look for Inspiration in your Decor

If you have a room in your home that you absolutely love, make note of the accents and styles you enjoy. Or if you have a favorite piece of furniture, what do you like about it? Taking note of the decor around your home can provide color inspiration for your space and most importantly, can also allow for continuity. 

Creating a cozy bedroom with color.

Determine how you want the room to FEEL

When deciding on a wall color, one of the first things that I try to think about is how I want the room to feel. For instance, in my master bedroom, I went with a dark gray (Anonymous by Behr) that helped create a dark, cozy space when sleeping. If you like waking up to a light, bright room, my color choice wouldn't be appealing to you. Taking the time to think about how you want your space to feel will save you a lot of heartaches. 

Creating a color theme can make your home look coheasive.

Creating a color theme can make your home look coheasive.

Give your home a Color Theme

Have you ever walked into a house and every room is a different color? How did it make you feel? A home that doesn't have consistent color theme will make your eyes wander for days with no real spot to relax. Now I don't know about you, but I want to be able to relax once I get home.  If you want your rooms to flow together, selecting a color theme can be a great way to carry the same colors throughout your home.

Getting paint samples will allow you explore the colors in your home.

Get Samples!

You don't know how many times I've brought a paint sample home that I thought would be my favorite and it just didn't look right in my space. It was either too dark, too light, or just not the right tone. If I'm having a hard time narrowing a color down, then I'll just bring a bunch of paint chips home with me and tape them to the wall. I make it a point to check them at different times throughout the day as different light hits the room, narrowing my choices down. Once I've narrowed it down to one or two, I'll get samples to actually put a little up on the wall to see how it looks.

The last thing to keep in mind is not to be scared! Paint isn't permanent, the worse thing that can happen is that you have to repaint. Enjoy the process and give your home the pop of color it craves!

Happy Painting!