$100 Room Challenge: Easy Updates for the Bathroom that anyone can do!

It's week four of the $100 Room Challenge where I'm working on refreshing the kids bathroom in our home for just $100 in one month. Boy have I been busy! Last week, I finished painting the entire space a beautiful light gray that instantly updated the space and made it feel whole lot brighter.

Catch up on my plans and progress of this space:

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3

This week, I've decided to focus on those small projects that can take a bathroom transformation from drab to fab! Read on to see everything that I was able to accomplish this week and check out some of these easy updates that anyone can do to update your own space!

Paint Baseboard/Trim

If you've been following my blog, then you know that we've been slowly updating the color of our walls from a builder grade beige to the same light gray that I've painted the bathroom. After I finish painting each room, I also like to clean and paint the baseboards and trim. This is not something that you would normally thing about doing, especially if they aren’t in bad shape, but believe me, it makes a difference!




I first start by giving the baseboards a good cleaning. Using my handheld brush attachment on my vacuum, I try to brush and break up any dust that can collect in the nooks and cranny's of the baseboard. For those hard to reach corners, I use an old toothbrush to make sure I get all the dust off. After I'm satisfied, I quickly give the floor a good cleaning to make sure the dust doesn’t collect back on the baseboards as I paint. Last step is to take a damp microfiber cloth and swipe the baseboards and trim clean. Letting them fully dry before I begin painting.

We have issues with the house being a little on the darker side, so I wanted to keep the trim white but decided change the finish to a super high gloss white. Not only will the high gloss give it a little bit of drama but also allow for a super easy cleaning for next time. High gloss paint allows you wipe clean a whole lot easier than more matte paint finishes.

Re-caulk around tub and sink

Another easy update that's not typically thought of, is re-caulking around the wet areas in your bathroom like the tub and sink.  

Insert before and after pics of tub



For a mere $3-4 per tube of caulk, you can create a brand new finished edge on your tub to help make it feel like new again. It's not only good practice to re-caulk every year or so to prevent water from getting in areas it shouldn’t but also makes the space look a whole lot "finished."

Update Shower Head

I've been wanting to update the shower head in this bathroom for a while. Since having kids, I noticed that it would be really handy to have a hand held shower head. Not only is it easier to give your littles a quick shower but also it's a whole lot easier to clean the tub and walls when you are able to rinse all areas. With the specific shower head that I got, we barely needed tools and everything was installed by hand tightening. Follow along below for instructions:

Remove old shower head.

Screw in the new shower head adapter. Hand tighten only!

Connect the hose to shower head.

Connect the other end of the hose to the shower head adapter.

Enjoy your new shower head!

Update toilet paper holder

When we first moved into our home, I decided that we would remove all of the towel bars in the bathrooms and all of the toilet paper holders. Not only were they not pretty to look at, but just not functional with how we use the space. The toilet paper holder in the kids bathroom had been installed on the wall opposite the toilet where you practically had to get up in order to reach it. So I purchased brand new toilet paper holders for all the bathrooms but never got to updating the one in this space apart from taking the old one down and covering the holes.

Now it's finally time to install the new toilet paper holder and I'm doing it right next to the toilet. Right where it should be! Here's how we did it:

Insert pics of toilet paper holder

Used Painter’s Tape to help mark our holes and protect the cabinet after leveling the bracket.

Holes are marked and we’re ready to drill!

Drilling our holes

Screw in toilet paper holder plate.

Enjoy your work!

Rethink the shower Curtain

There's nothing wrong with using the traditional shower curtain, but if you are looking for a little bit more interest to add to a drab bathroom a simple solution could be as simple a rethinking the shower curtain. I've been dying to do this to the bathroom and finally took the plunge with this challenge. I simply search high and low but a pair of curtains, rather than a shower curtain to help dress up our bathroom.

Here is a sneak peak! I can’t wait to show you the completed bathroom refresh next week!!

Sneak Peak!

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  1. Paint walls to match the rest of our home.

  2. Clean and refresh the trim by painting it high gloss white.

  3. Re-caulk along the tub and sink.

  4. Update shower curtain for a more dramatic look.

  5. Clean and organize under the sink cabinet and drawers so it's not a complete mess!

  6. Update shower head.

  7. Install a new toilet paper holder.

  8. Update decor - make it pretty and functional to store all things baby and toddler!


 Total Spent: $83.13

I hope you found this post useful and that it inspires you try some of these updates yourself! Don’t forget to come back next week for the reveal of the finished bathroom and seeing all these updates together.

And if you want even more inspiration for affordable updates that you can do in your home, check out the amazing bloggers below who are also tackling a room in their home!

Maria+Lorena - House by the Preserve.png
This week for the $100 Room Challenge, I've decided to focus on those small projects that can take a bathroom transformation from drab to fab! Read on to see everything that I was able to accomplish this week and check out some of these easy updates that anyone can do to update your own space! #bathroom #bathroomupdates #DIYbathroom #housebythepreserve