Cultivating Curb Appeal

When deciding to purchase this house, one of the areas that drew me to this particular floor model was the front porch.  I always envisioned myself in a little sitting area watching the kids play in the front yard.

Working on the decor for this area has been a rewarding challenge.  We've gone through a of rounds to get the front porch and landscaping in the front of the house to get them in their current condition.  I had an opportunity to test my green thumb with some of the landscaping work we've undertaken.  So far, I am enjoying the process.  Hopefully they will all end up alive in the next couple of months!

Diamond and Scroll Doormat from Pier One.

Diamond and Scroll Doormat from Pier One.

I started with the front door area by getting a black accented doormat from Pier One.  It draws the color from the front door and breaks up all the beige from the facade of the house.  I then got an amazing plant, that if I was truly a botanist afficiando, I would be able to tell you the name of the plant, but I have completely forgotten.  I just know that I have been able to keep it alive now for at least a year...YAY!

I decided to bring more black accents with the wall art that I got at HomeGoods.  It is made out of wood and I thought it would be perfect for this area to withstand the Florida weather.  I have future plans to upgrade the builder grade lighting fixtures in this area but haven't quite gotten there yet.  

The only cosmetic changes we have done to this area was paint the cement floor to give it more interest with Behr Granite Grip from Home Depot.  It is a floor coating designed to give bare concrete a more consistent finish with color and texture.  

Next area I focused on was the sitting area. I started by anchoring the space by getting an orange outdoor rug from At Home. We then got this amazing set of teak furniture at World Market. I really like how comfortable this set is and love how it stands out against the house.  I added some red pillows from At Home to add a pop of color and accented the table by adding this beautiful plant that I have also managed not to kill yet! ;)  I love the beautiful pop of color that this plant brings

We next focused on the landscaping.  When we bought this house, the landscaping was very green in color.  My husband and I were determined to bring in more color with plants to the front yard.  We decided to stay in the purple theme and got several plants to accommodate this theme.  So far they have held up nicely and I am excited to see if we are able to maintain these throughout the winter.  Will keep you guys posted!

We have several plans in the future for this area that we will be hopefully be completing sometime next year.  We would like to update the red mulch to some type of rock.  Also, I would like to add a small outdoor fan right about the sitting area and as I mentioned before, update the lighting.  I will be sure to keep you updated as we make progress. 

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