Laundry Room in Progress..

I debated a lot about showing guys the laundry room because it is still a room that is in progress. But I decided to show you this room in its current state as it reflects on how we decorate our home, slowly but surely, we are making it our own.  In our own time to fit our budget.

The main thing that I would like to do to this room is change the wall color.  I think that something as simple as changing the wall color can dramatically change the feel of a room.  My husband and I have plans to paint the entire house a light gray color.  "Natural Grey" by Behr Marquee to be exact.  This is one of those projects that we had to put on hold once Lucas was born.  Now that he is getting a little older, I am hoping to be able to knock painting room by room while he is napping or hanging out with the grandparents.  

I think changing the wall color will help in updating our current beige box into something a little bit more modern.  Cannot wait until we are able to get started!  It is on the top of our list for our 2017 home projects, so I will be sure to keep you updated. Make sure you follow me on instragram (@housebythepreserve) so that I can show you our progress!

The first thing we did to update the laundry room was remove the wire shelving the builder installed and hung these white cabinets.  Anyone else out there hate those wire shelving as much as I do?  We are slowly updating all out closets to remove these.  I think it instantly updates the room and the white cabinets provided us with much needed storage space. I still want to add pretty knobs to them but haven't founds ones that I truly love yet.  Keeping an eye out!

Right below the cabinets, we hung this shelf that I made by having it precut at Home Depot. I then sanded it and stained it a deep walnut color.  I chose to give it a nice walnut finish in order to help break up the white from the appliances and the cabinetry.   I then decorated this shelf with the items that our family uses the most and also pretty items, like this laundry cheat sheet that I found on Pinterest as a free printable and placed it inside a picture frame from the Dollar Tree.  

On the left hand side, I hung this wooden shelf with S hooks that I found at Target that allows us to keep all our keys and mail in one place without creating clutter.  I am pretty strict about emptying the mail every night so it never has much clutter in here. 

To pretty the room up a little, I hung these three hooks that I found several years ago at World Market.  This is where I keep my purse and diaper bag and anything else I may be using at the moment that I need to take with me when I leave the house.

Thanks to the Target dollar isle, I got this beautiful faux copper pail that I hung on the wall right above the dryer.  This is where we empty the lint tray without having to drag the lint through the house to throw it away.  I love this little pail!

Above the dryer, I placed a silver tray that was my grandmothers with glass Ikea bottles that I have filled with baking soda and bleach.  A pretty little candle and some flowers to add color and warmth to the space and we are done!

We still plan on replacing the boob light to something more visually appealing and also maybe painting the wall behind the appliances a dark navy to bring in more interest.  What do you think?

How do you decorate your laundry room? Leave me a comment below!