Home Office

I am SUPER excited to share this room with you guys! Until recently, this room has been a collection of old furniture that didn't quite go together. Deep down, I always had bigger plans for this space and I am so glad that we were able to get it done so early in the year with a 10 month old crawling around! (Thanks Mom and Dad! a.k.a super nannies!) 

The only part of this room that I had previously shared with you in the closet office space. Check out the here if you are interested in seeing what it looked like before.

We decided to take off the door to this room to make it feel more open and light.  It is in a space of the house where it doesn't get a lot of sunshine so removing the door to let more light in was amazing.  Also, there is a long hallway leading to the room, so there is still some privacy.  I love how something as simple as removing the door instantly transformed the room. Since my husband works from home, we haven't covered up the holes in the door frame yet. We figured he would try it out for a couple of weeks without the door, if he ends up really missing it, then we can put it back in, no harm done! But for now, I am loving this look! It allows for the DIY shelving we did to be displayed fully and  be a center point in the space.

As soon as you walk into the room, on the right hand side, we created shelving and storage space by DIYing wall to wall shelving.  We used four 2X12X12's and sanded, stained and polyurethaned the pine wood slabs to create this look.  It was a labor of love and took FOREVER to complete, but it was well worth the time and effort.  The room was instantly transformed once we installed them.  It was like life was brought into the room.  I truly love how this turned out and feel instantly inspired to be in here, which is amazing since before I felt bored and annoyed to be in this space.

The fun part was decorating the shelves!  My husband and I love to read so we have a collection of books that was stuffed in the guest room closet waiting to be displayed.  I wanted to make sure that the shelves would not feel cluttered as they are  pretty large, so I broke up the books with nick knacks from around the house.  One of my favorite spots on the shelves is the little bar area I created for my husband.  I found this whiskey barrel at Target during Christmas time and knew I had to find a place for it in the office.  I added a white tray and some whiskey glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a vintage bar sign and this little spot is complete! 

Now apart from displaying our favorite things on the shelves, I also wanted to make sure we were able to use them for storage.  I found these amazing storage boxes at Hollar.com for $4 each! I love how they look and how functional they are.  All of my husbands accessories for his hobbies are in there and can be easily located.  I only wish I had bought more of these as now they are unavailable on their site :(

Across the doorway, I placed this plush velvet blue grey chair.  I bought this chair years ago from Ashley Furniture and I have used it in several spaces.  It is absolutely beautiful and has held up wonderfully throughout all my moves.  It creates a nice little sitting area to relax as you read a good book. 

We removed the closet doors and painted the closet area a blue grey.  We also removed the wire shelving and placed a smaller version of our DIY shelves.  Canvas boxes provides us with more storage and color to my little corner in this room.  I had fun decorating this little are because this is solely my space.  I had fun with free printables that I found online and used some of the things I love most to add some color to this space.

Next up was my husband's work area.  We kept his mostly the same, but got a cool push pin board and hung it above his monitor for him to display some of his favorite things, including his military memorabilia.  Across from his desk, we hung a metal shelf in the shape of the United States and decorated it with some books and more nick knacks that my hubby enjoys.

I truly love how this room turned out and now instead of cringing every time I walk into this room it makes me smile.  It is beautiful and fun and filled with stuff we love.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!