Top Five Spring DIYs

If you guys caught my last post, you know that I am super excited for spring. I am currently hard at work sprinkling spring touches throughout the house.  And of course that involves some DIYs! I have searched high and low within the Pinterest universe to select my top five DIYs for this season.  

Tulip Wreath DIY

On Sutton Place - Tulip Wreath DIY

One of my favorite things to change up as the seasons come and go is a wreath.  I just think they add so much life to your space! I am a huge fan of wreaths because they are so versatile, you don't always have to use them on your front door.  There are many places that you could hang a wreath indoors and it will immediately make the space a focal point.  I am in love with this tulip wreath from On Sutton Place blog.  The colors just scream spring and how beautiful does it look against the blue door?! Ahh, so pretty! I cannot wait to get started on this DIY!











Jelly Bean Tree DIY

Crafty Sisters - Jelly Bean Tree DIY

This next DIY is so creative yet so simple it blew me away. How pretty does this look?! The best part is that you won't believe the materials - tree branches from your yard and spring colored jelly beans.  That's right, you read right, those are jelly beans glued on with a hot glue gun. This amazingly simple DIY is brought to you by the Crafty Sisters blog.  Make sure you head over to their blog to check out their tip on how to make the hot glue disappear. I just love how much colors this brings to the space.  Does your kitchen table need some spring love? Give this DIY a try! 

Dollar Tree Easter DIY

Salt and Pepper Moms - Dollar Tree Easter DIY

This next DIY is one of my favorites because most of the items needed are from the Dollar Tree! If you have been following my blog, you know that is one of my favorite places to get DIY and decor items. This DIY is from the Salt and Pepper Moms and it is absolutely beautiful! I love how the candle holders are so versatile, I am already dreaming up how to reuse these once the seasons change. So pretty!











Baker's Twine Easter Egg DIY

Landeelu - Baker's Twine Easter Egg DIY

Now staying in the topic of Easter, I couldn't do a spring DIY favorites without having some sort of Easter Egg DIY. This next project is from the Landeelu blog and they are just so cute! I love how different they are as most of the eggs I see around this time are always dyed or painted in some sort. Make sure you check out the link to this tutorial as Landee shows you step by step how to complete these beauties!

Moss Covered Bunny Canvas DIY

The Kolb Corner - Moss Covered Bunny Canvas DIY

This next DIY is so adorable that I just had to include it.  Amanda, from The Kolb Corner blog shares on how to complete this moss covered bunny canvas.  I love the idea of creating this to add a little Easter decor to our baby boy's nursery.  How cute would this look?! Super excited to try this one out.  I recently got some moss while I was walking the aisles at the Dollar Tree not knowing how I would use it but just knew it was a great deal.  Now I have the perfect project to along with it!


I hope you guys enjoyed my list of favorite spring DIY projects.  If you are interested in seeing how I incorporate some of these into my home, make sure you subscribe below!