A Collection of Spring Tablescapes + Styling Tips

As spring gets closer and closer and the weather starts to get a little bit warmer, I can't help but get in the hosting mood. One of our favorite things to do is to have small dinner parties with family and friends which gives me the opportunity to play around with my tablescapes.

I have been trying out different styles and ways to use decor items that I already have around the house to set a beautiful table. Because you always need a pretty table along with great food, am I right?!  

Fresh Flowers

I try to use fresh flowers whenever the budget allows.  I make sure to select flowers with natural color and stay away from dyed flowers.  I think that makes them look more natural and beautiful. 

Add Height

Adding height to the tablescape adds a bit of interest and dimension.  Make sure you don't place tall items directly in front of someone, but off to one side or in the middle is best for conversation. 

Shop your Home

Shopping your home for the perfect centerpiece is fun!  Keep an open mind and try new things! After all if you don't like it, you can always return the item to the spot from which it came from. Happy hunting!

Simple makes Perfect!

Remember to keep things simple.  Don't worry about filling the entire table with decor.  After all, the goal is to have a nice dinner with friends and family, right? Adding a few pretty pieces is enough to set the mood and let the food be part of your decor.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Leave me a comment below and let me know what tricks you use when creating a your tablescape.

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