How to style your shelves for Spring in 6 easy steps!

As the weather changes throughout the year, I try to change the decor on my shelves with the seasons. I enjoy changing up the decor because it prevents me from getting bored with the room and also helps give the room new life! There is nothing better than walking into a familiar room and exploring ways to change its look and feel without spending a dime.

Ready to give your shelves and update for spring? Let's get started! 

Shop your home

I always make it a point to not buy new things, but switch decor items up throughout my home. There is something that is so much fun about shopping your home.  It is amazing how versatile some items can be! Plus if you don't like it, you can always switch it back to where it was without the hassle of having to return the item to the store. Also, if you end up needing to put the item back where it was, you already have the advantage of knowing what works in the space, so if you do end up needing to purchase something, you already have an idea of what to works! 

Add seasonal flowers

This is my absolute favorite thing to do.  I try to sprinkle either real or faux flowers throughout my home whenever possible.  It is an easy way to bring in seasonal colors into your home without having to completely redesign everything.  If you are hesitant about using faux flowers in your home, make sure you check out my post where I share all my secrets on how I make faux flowers look real! 

Add Dimension

Adding dimension helps move your eye throughout the shelving.  Not only focusing on decorating the vertical space but also the horizontal space will give the shelving some interest. Remember, that you don't always have to use books to decorate.  There are many decor items that you can use to give the shelves some style and color. Also, don't forget about the wall behind the shelf! That is a great place to add some color with hanging art! 

Don't forget the Rule of Threes

If you are not familiar about the rule of threes and you are wondering why your shelves always look like there is something missing, I suggest you research this guideline. It basically states that your eye is more drawn to odd numbers as it is forced to move around.  Take a look at the images below and if you want a quick tutorial, check out this great post by Dabney Frake on explaining all about the importance of the rule of threes in home decor.

Think of each shelf as it's own vignette

When I am styling my own bookcases, I like to work one shelf at a time.  This allows me to make each shelf unique with it's own interest.  If you were to take a picture of only one shelf, it would be interesting all on its own.  

But don't forget about Balance!

It is also important to not forget about balance as you style the shelves.  You want to avoid making a side too "heavy."  For example, placing bigger, heavier items all on the left hand side of the shelf.  This prevents your shelving from giving it flow, only drawing your eye to one side of the shelf.  I typically alternate from left to right, placing bigger heavier items on the left and on the next shelf, the middle, and on the next shelf on the right, before I start over again.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you are interest in more home decor tips and tricks make sure you subscribe below to receive them right in your inbox!