Working on our Curb Appeal

When my husband and I bought our house, we made a deal with ourselves that for the first couple of years, we would complete one big house project per year.  This allows us to customize our builder grade home to our taste and needs.  This year, we decided that we would concentrate on our front flower beds. 

Ever since we moved in, we have been investing in our curb appeal.  Before our baby boy was born, we would spend long weekends mulching and planting new seasonal plants to give our flower beds some seasonal interest.  But each time, after about a month or so, our efforts began to look a little ragged. Turns out, the hubby and I don't really have a green matter how much we tried.

So this year we decided to invest in a professional to help guide us in choosing greenery that is appropriate for the Florida weather and low maintenance for those who lack the skills to keep plants alive! 

Check out how our landscaping looked before:

I swear this tree has never had more leaves than this!

Very blah!

And take a look at how it looks now! We could not be happier with the result and are super excited to see it all grow in.  

So much more interesting and colorful!

You have to have a palm tree in Florida!

So much color!

Love this!

I was hesitant about the boulder but decided to trust the landscape designer, so glad we did!

Love this little date palm!

What do you do to give your landscaping a little spring pick me up? Leave me a comment below!