Top 5 ways to use plants to create an amazing entryway

Now that spring is finally here, I always tend to redirect my decor focus on the exterior of the house.  One of my go to ways to decorate for spring is by giving the entryway and front porch area a little makeover to welcome the spring season with style! ;-)  In hopes of getting some inspiration, I have compiled a list of my top 5 ways to use plants to create that perfect space.

Keeping it simple

Take a look at more pictures of this stunning home at

Take a look at more pictures of this stunning home at

How simple and beautiful is this? I am absolutely loving this pink door and even better it's a dutch door! I love how the color of the door does most of the "talking" while the two flowers flanking the doorway complement the color perfectly.  If you have a statement color on your doorway, keep the flowers simple. Let the door be the center point while the flowers will just add an extra life to the space.  Making sure to complement the flowers to the color of your door adds just that extra little touch to make it perfect!

Invest in some great planters

Blue and white Chinese planters as seen on

Blue and white Chinese planters as seen on

If you are a regular reader then you already know that I happen to be obsessed with decorating with blue and white. I find the colors to be so beautiful and elegant and instantly bring life into a space. So when I saw these chinoiserie planters flanking a front door, I about died. These are so stunning! The green trees just bring so much color against the black and white colors of the front door and trim. These would be a great addition to anyone with a neutral front door looking to bring more color to their entrance, perfect for spring! You could also add bright tulips or hydrengias if you are looking for flowers instead of trees and these planters would still look great!

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Use unexpected decor items

When decorating your entrance, any item that inspires you are up for grabs! Don't limit yourself to certain items, use your imagination and create something beautiful like the picture above! How adorably cute are those rain boots with seasonal flowers on them? I absolutely love the color that they bring and they look stunning against the wood tones of the front door. This entrance looks so nice and welcoming, perfect for welcoming family and friends. 

Fern it up!

Sometimes it's as simple as using ferns! They are amazingly versatile being able to be dressed up or down, making it one of the perfect plants to use no matter what your style.  Look at so many beautiful ways to use ferns in your decor.

Found on Pinterest, source unknown.

Found on Pinterest, source unknown.

House numbers need some love too!

When designing your space, don't forget about showing some love to your house numbers. It is such a simple and creative way to add some color to your entrance without having to commit to large planters.  This is a perfect solution for someone who simply does not have a green thumb or time to water a lot of plants.  How cute is this?! And remember, you could always go with faux flowers if real ones isn't your thing.  Check out my post here on how I make faux flowers look real!

Hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and that it helps inspire you to bring some spring to your entryway.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you do to make give your entryway and porch a little spring update!