Styling Home Office Shelves

An easy way to give a room a little update is by restyling the space with the same decor items you already have. I absolutely love doing this because it prevents me from getting bored and it also allows me to see my decor pieces a new light. It is amazing how different a vase or a candlestick can look by just changing it in the space.

A room that I tend to spend a lot of time in is the home office and it was starting to feel a bit bored in there. So, I decided the best way to give this space a little sprucing up was by restyling our shelves.  If you missed the reveal of our home office, check it out here.  These shelves are pretty substantial and run the whole length of the wall, so I was pretty intimidated in trying to fill the shelves up.  That was my mistake, thinking I needed to fill the shelves up with books and decor!

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Take a look at the shelves in their current state. I have slowly been trying to declutter them. It has definitely been a work in progress and I found myself removing an item every time I would walk into the room.  The more I removed, the more I wanted to restyle them.  The current set up was just not inspiring me anymore and out baby boy was starting to take over the lower shelf.

I started by removing everything from the shelves…yes…I mean everything.  There is nothing like starting with a fresh clean canvas. 

I then slowly started to bring in the big pieces, paying close attention to each shelve making sure the items were in balance with each other.  If you are interested in reading about more tips and tricks on styling shelves, check out my blog post here!

Next, I brought in my bigger pieces with color and scattered them through the shelves for some continuity. This room tends to be a little on the dark side as it only has one window, so I try to bring in bright colors to brighten up the space a little bit. 

Finally, I slowly brought in the books, making sure that they didn’t overwhelm the space. I think I finally have gotten these shelves just the way I want them…for now!

What do you guys think? What kinds of things do you do in your home when you are craving for a change? Leave me a comment below, I would love to know!