How To Create a Fantastic Fourth of July Tablescape on a Budget!

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Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here and for many of us that means a long weekend! YAY!! I am super excited for the 4th of July weekend because my brother and his family will be coming to visit all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! 

I have been running around, getting things planned and organized for while they are here and I saved the best for last. Creating a fun and festive 4th of July tablescape to celebrate Independence day in style! 

I started this tablescape by going shopping...and by that, I mean going shopping to my parent's house for some supplies. My mom was kind enough to lend me some linens that help to brighten up the space instantly! 

I used my usual Better Home and Gardens plates from Walmart- they are the perfect color for this holiday and look beautiful against the red creating a festive and fun backdrop. I then layered some faux paper plates made out of melamine. They are supper cute and bring in a nice pop of white. 

I then decided to search my house for anything that was in my color scheme for red, white, and blue. I found some candles and lanterns that I thought would make great centerpieces.

This is my favorite way of decorating because it allows me to get creative with my own stuff without having to go out and spend a lot of money on decor items that I can only use once a year. Limited storage space makes one get super creative in giving items multiple uses!

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Decorating with what you already own allows you to be creative in how those items are used throughout your home. Investing in items that allow for that flexibility is key. Whenever I purchase decor pieces, I always make sure to make a mental note of what other ways I could use them throughout different spaces in my home. 

It makes me super excited and happy to create a space that I am proud of...accomplishing all without spending a lot of money! 

Hope you have a great Fourth of July with family and friends. Leave me a comment below, I would to hear from you!