$100 Room Challenge, Week 1: Powder Room

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I have been wanting to redo our half bathroom for quite a while now but I have not quite made up my mind what exactly to do in there. Seems like I keep getting distracted with other projects and the half bath  is still the same.

Well that is about to change this month because I have decided to join the $100 room challenge that is hosted by Erin over at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry. If you aren't familiar with this challenge, the goal is to decorate/update a space for just $100. If you are interested in learning more about how this challenge got started, check out Erin's post here.

Our half bathroom is currently very plain and basic with builder grade fixtures. It is in desperate need of an update! Let's take a look at the bathroom in its current state:

As you can see, this space needs a lot of help. It is quite small, so I am hoping that $100 will go far. Let's check out my wishes for the bathroom.

Vanity Light

One of the first things I need to replace is the vanity light. This one completely dates the room and casts a harsh bright light. I think that a large portion of my budget will go towards this if I am not careful! I am hoping to be able to DIY something that will update the space and provide a nice ambient light.

Cover Holes and Paint

I need to cover holes on the wall from a previous mirror that I repurposed for another space. I also really want to paint these walls. The current color is actually a mixture of THREE different paint samples whenever we were trying to decide what color to paint the family room. I want to go for a dramatic dark color to bring some interest and make the whites pop!

Add Storage

I have two shelves that I want to repurpose from our dining room in this space to help me create a little bit of storage and also allow for some decor items.

Toilet Paper Storage

Let's face it, my current clear vase for the toilet paper storage is not working. I want to see if I can DIY something to bring some more interest and allow for a fun way to store extra toilet paper rolls.

Add artwork?

I would like to add some interest and color to the walls with artwork. Hopefully I can reuse some of the artwork I already have or I can DIY something with free printables. I am still debating this one and will probably see how my budget is doing after everything else.

Check back every week where I will show you my progress! I cannot wait to get started!

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