How to Organize your Gift Wrapping Supplies for under $10!

Sooo I have a confession to make...I am obsessed with watching home decor, organization, and DIY videos on YouTube. One of my favorite people to watch is Kathryn from Do it On a Dime. If you're not familiar with her channel, you must stop everything you are doing and head on over. She has inspired many a nights of reorganizing and cleaning in our home. I love watching her videos because not only is she filled with good ideas, but they are always budget conscious.

So when I saw her tip for organizing gift wrapping supplies in an over the door shoe organizer, I knew that I was going to give a try. I documented my experience as well as incorporating a few additions of my own.

My supplies were previously stuck in this gift wrapping organizer in a spare closet that I found on Amazon. As my collection grew, the organizer become more and more stuffed and it became SUPER hard to find what I was looking for. It was in desperate need of an upgrade.

I  purchased a cheap but sturdy hanging shoe organizer like this one. Before I started making my cuts, I decided to separate everything out, laying all my bows, wrapping, labels, etc. in their respective piles so that I could plan exactly how I wanted to utilize the over the door shoe organizer.

I then took all of my gift wrap rolls and measured how wide they are so that I could see how many shoe inserts I needed to cut. Once the gift wrap rolls were stored in the shoe organizer, it was easy to organize by using labels. I used these reusable chalkboard labels from Amazon. They are super cool because if I ever need to change what is stored in that specific insert, it's as easy as wiping off and rewriting with chalk its new name.

The easiest way that I have found to store and protect gift bags is by hanging them up using a hanger. I separated the bags by holiday/occasion and used a hanging picture nail to support the hanger on the wall. So easy and functional! I can now clearly see what I have without having to rummage around for supplies.

Let's take a tour of the finished gift wrap station:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It makes me smile every time I open the door to see this little corner so organized. Leave me a comment below and let me know your tips for keeping your gift wrap supplies organized!