How to Create a Drool Worthy Gallery Wall

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Creating decor that doesn't break the bank is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  A gallery wall is the perfect way to add color and interest to your space without needing to spend a pretty penny on art. 

I have become a huge fan of gallery walls because they allow me to create a dramatic statement on my walls without, for example, the commitment of wallpaper. I absolutely love changing the look of a room simply by just changing the art on the walls. If you haven't tried this trick, I beg you to try it. It helps give your space a little update and your wallet a little rest!

Are you convinced yet about the power of a good gallery wall? 

Well I am here to share with you my tips to help you create that drool worthy gallery wall you are craving for (even if you didn't know it before reading this post ;-)).

Free Printables

I am a huge fan of using free printables that I find online to help decorate my home. Why? Because they are some crazy, super talented people out there who create beautiful art and give it away for free! It is as simple as searching on Pinterest for "Free Printables" and you will be rewarded with a collection of material to search through. 

I recently created my latest gallery wall project in our half bathroom for the $100 Room Challenge using free printables. 

The Power of your Own Photography

If you love taking pictures like I do, then you also have a library full of photographs that are just waiting to be printed and displayed. When recently decorating our hallway, I decided that a great way to add art to the large walls was a gallery wall displaying some of my favorite pictures. 

Not only are there family pictures that we love but also pictures of our travels and favorite places. I just love walking through this little spot and seeing out of the corner of my eye this corner that brings back so many memories. 

I also created this gallery wall in my bedroom with the intent of changing out the pictures every once in a while so that the space will always feel new and fresh and still allowing us to display some of our favorite memories for the year. In order to make the frames feel cohesive, I stuck to black, brown, and silver frames.

Gallery Walls are not just for Pictures

There are SO many things you can add to a gallery wall to bring in color, texture, and interest to your wall space. I recently wanted to give our dining room a small makeover but didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I decided that I would create a plate gallery wall to add something different to our home.

I had so much fun creating this little display because it was less than $50 dollars and I worked hard to select every plate on the wall. It was a little scary at first, not knowing how they would all look together, but after a little planning and thinking about how I wanted the space to look and feel, I just ran with it, choosing the plates as they peaked my interest. 

Ready to Hang?

Take it from me, the best way to hang your gallery wall is by first planning ahead. You don't know how many times I hung the frames first before selecting my pictures only to fall in love with a picture that is landscape not portrait, forcing me to take all my frames down and start over with a new layout.

So in order to avoid repeating my mistakes, make sure you select the pictures you want to display first. Play around with the layout after. You can do this my simply laying all the pictures on the floor to see how they work together like I did below. But my favorite way to hang the perfect gallery wall is by creating a template of each frame and hanging them up on the wall. This creates the perfect visual for you to create a display that works perfectly in your space.

If creating a template for each frame is not your thing, you can always purchase a gallery wall frame set like this one. What I love about these sets is that they already come with the template, making it super easy for you to create the best layout for your space.

Select a Theme

The best way to make your gallery wall look fantastic and not a jumbled mess of collected things is by creating a curated selection of art or pieces you want to display by focusing on a theme, or 1-3 colors, or family pictures, etc. 

For example, for the gallery wall in our half bath, I decided to use all black frames and for the pictures, I focused on a Florida beach theme. So I have pictures of flamingos, pineapple, Ferris wheel, Florida map, palm trees, and the beach, making it the perfect collected of pictures together but all from different sources. 

For the gallery wall in our hallway, I also used a collection of black frames but my focus was on photos in the same hues that focused more on our family and favorite vacation spots. Keeping this tip in mind helps make your gallery wall look like a cohesive piece of art, rather than a bunch of pictures hung close to each other.

And that is it my friends, your perfect gallery wall recipe! I hope that you found these tips useful! Leave me a comment below and let me know your tricks to creating the perfect gallery wall.