A Quick & Easy Update with Rub n' Buff

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My entryway, as with much of the spaces in my home, has been a work in progress. There's always something that I'm adding, moving, or changing to get it to look just right. I'm still not done with this space, but I wanted to share one of the most effective, yet easy DIY's I've ever done.

You see, it all started with the silver handles of this dresser that we keep in the entryway. I love it here because it gives us so much storage and it helps fill up this huge entry.

This is what it looked like before...

Although I liked the silver drawer handles, I didn't love how they looked with our newly added sconces. I knew as soon as we installed them that I would want to change the handles. After searching and searching for handles that I loved that were not crazy expensive, I decided to begin exploring the idea of painting them. 

At first I thought that I would just spray paint them a gold color and call it a day. But, I couldn't find a spray paint that was the exact color match that I wanted. So I began researching other ways that I could "paint" the handles.

Come in Rub n' Buff. If you haven't heard of this stuff, I suggest you do a quick search and you'll quickly be able to see just how versatile and useful this little tube of gold is! I became such a fan that I decided to use it on my mirror as well. 


  1. Rub n' Buff in your color of choice
  2. Old t-shirt or paper towels
  3. Screwdriver - to remove and reinstall your handles


1. I started by removing all of the handles from the drawers using a screwdriver.

2. Use an old t-shirt or paper towels to apply a little of the Rub n' Buff to the handles. I ended up liking using a soft old t-shirt better because I found that it didn't leave any streaks. You want to make sure you apply to light coats, a little of the product goes a long way but it dries super fast so you want to make sure you work fast spreading the product evenly.

3. Let the handles fully dry for about one hour (it would have probably been fine after 30 minutes, but I wanted to be extra careful).

One of my concerns for using this product was that I wanted to make sure that the paint would not scratch, so I debated a lot about using another product to seal the handles. After some research, I decided to leave the handles as is and I'm happy to report that there's not a scratch to be found! 

As I previously mentioned, I loved how the handles looked that I also decided to paint the mirror flanking the two sconces. It was such an easy project that made such a big impact to how the space looks. This little corner now looks put together and purposeful instead of being a collection of things.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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