A Small Laundry Room Makeover

I am so excited to show you this newly made over space in our home. I've been dying to makeover the laundry room for quite a while now and this past week I worked super hard to makeover this space with just a little paint and stuff I already owned.

First, let's take a look at how this space used to look like:

I loved the idea of using a stencil and had been dying at the chance to do it somewhere in my home. After attempting to do it in our laundry room, I can tell you that stenciling is just not for me. I don't have the time or patience to dedicate to stenciling. Our textured walls made it super hard and the paint bleeding behind the stencil was everywhere. So I decided to paint the walls the same creamy white color we are painting the rest of our home - Palais White by Behr.

The good thing about painting this room is that it forces me to clean behind the washer and dryer. It's amazing how much dust accumulates back there! It also provided the perfect opportunity for me to deep clean the washer and dryer. Check out this post if you want to know what I do to deep clean my machines.

After painting the walls, I decided to tackle the cabinets. This is where I wanted to bring in some color. I've been dying to paint my kitchen cabinets and decided that I should use the laundry room ones as my practice run. I have to say that it went a lot smoother than I anticipated. I gave the cabinets a good clean and wipe down and then one coat of primer. My cabinets aren't wood, so I didn't do any sanding. After priming, I gave them three coats of Shiitake by Sherwin Williams that I had mixed in Behr paint at Home Depot.

To make sure that the new paint color is protected, I gave the cabinets two coats of polyurethane. We are pretty hard on these cabinets so I wanted to make sure that they are sealed.

I also gave the cabinet hardware a quick makeover with a little gold Rub N’ Buff. They look so pretty cabinet color!

After I completed painting the cabinets, I felt that the room still needed a little more, so I also painted the back of the doors in this room (one door leads into our garage and the other leads into our hallway).

I absolutely love how the color and bring a little more elegance to the laundry room. I used to keep the door shut to this room, but now I'm happy to leave it open as I catch a glimpse of this room as I walk by.

To tie in the cabinet color down to the floors, I had two 2x3 rugs that I wasn't using. If I put them together they made the perfect size for this square room, so I decided to tape them together with gorilla tape. I also used some rug tape to keep them from sliding around the tile floor.

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Styling the room was one of the funnest part of this laundry room makeover. I had a goal of not spending any money on decor pieces to style this room so I searched high and low for things I wanted to use in this room. I was lucky to find these two prints that I bought MANY years ago when I studied abroad. I’ve kept them a folder for all these years, never hanging them up. I think they look beautiful as you walk into our home from the garage.

That’s the completed laundry room! Not bad for a paint only makeover. Almost makes me want to do all the laundry we have piled up since I started working on this project, lol.

Hope you enjoyed this makeover! Be sure to follow along as we are currently painting our entire home and redecorating on a budget!