How I transformed my Entryway…WITHOUT Spending a lot Money!

Hello! I'm so excited with today's post because I finally get to show you what we've been working on for quite some time now. I've been working on a large home project that's been keeping me quite busy lately in between my kiddos naps and I can finally share some of it with you.  

Dining Refresh

If you've been following me for a while, you know that my blog is about showing you ways to decorate and update your home on a budget. That means that I reuse and re-purpose decor pieces regularly. It's my way of creating a whole new look and feel in a space without hardly spending any money. I find that by simply moving art and decor pieces around by using them in different rooms, it helps me see those pieces in a whole new light.  

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Since finishing our master bathroom refresh, I've been loving how bright the room feels with the new wall color that chose - Palais White by Behr. We loved it so much that my husband and I decided to paint most of our home this color. We’ve slowly been going room by room painting whenever we have a kid-free moment.

Our entryway was in desperate need of a makeover. I've never been a fan of how dark in feels, so painting the walls white really helps lighten the space. You've probably read this a couple of million times throughout my blog, but I'm always still amazed how much something as simple as updating the paint color can update the look and feel of a room. That wasn’t the exception with the entryway. I'm so happy with how bright this space feels now.

I didn't want to crowd the space with a large table or bench since it leads into our large hallway. I didn’t want to interrupt the view with a large piece of furniture sticking out. We made this shelf with a leftover piece of wood from our home office shelves and I hung it at table height - 30 inches. It provides the perfect amount of space to have some family pictures and a vase as well as a place to set your keys as you walk in.

The paintings above the table are paintings by my grandmother. In fact, most of the paintings that you see around my home are painted by her. I love incorporating her pieces in my space and love the idea of one day passing them on to my own children to decorate their own homes.

We live in Florida, so there isn’t a need for use to store jackets and winter gear. So by the door, I simply hung three marble and gold hooks that I got at Target to hang the occasional jacket or purse.

On the small wall opposite the table, I hung a old mirror that was gifted to me by my parents along with the plates hung above the table.

The area rug ties in nicely with the decor and provides color to the space without making it feel dark.

All in all, this little makeover cost a total of $35 for the gallon on paint. All of the other pieces were from different areas of my home.

Interested in seeing how the rest of my home is looking since I just took a bunch of pieces to update the entryway? Come back next week and I'll show what I've done in the family room!

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