DIY Nightstand Charging Station

Happy Friday guys! Today I'm back to show you a quick and easy DIY that made a huge impact in our master bedroom. I've been wanting to do something about the electrical cord situation in our nightstands for a while now and we finally found some time to get it done. 

Do you keep a lot of electronics near your bed? I have my cell phone, smart watch, white noise machine, tablet, baby monitor, etc. The list just keeps growing and growing and to be honest, the electrical cords were getting out of control. See below to show your what I mean:

Crazy right? And on my husband's side it doesn't get any better. So we were in need of a solution, fast! As I started to think about what I wanted to have near my bed, I decided that I wanted to make sure that all of these electronics were hidden away. That way I could still keep my cell phone close but away in a drawer at night so noise and light wouldn't disturb sleep.


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Materials you will need to create your own Nightstand Charging Station:

  1. Nightstand

  2. Dremmel

  3. Safety Glasses

  4. Surge Protector Power strip with a long enough cord to reach your outlet.

  5. Gorilla Tape


1. Empty out your drawer.

Mine was a complete mess before I started this project. It was about time I tackled this project! 

2. Plan your Cut

First, decided what side of the nightstand you want your power strip to be. I decided to place it on the side closest to the electrical outlet. Second, you want to plan your cut. I only needed a cut big enough to fit the plug from the power strip, so my cut was a simple square.

3. Cut

I used the dremmel and slowly began cutting the thick cardboard backing from the nightstand in a square pattern. My nightstand is from IKEA so the back isn't made out of solid wood, but that very think cardboard back. If your nightstand back is made out of wood, you may need a different tool to cut a little hole in the back. For my purposes, the dremmel preformed beautifully. I finished my cut in less than a minute!

4. Pass the Power Strip Through

Like mentioned above, I only made the hole big enough to pass through the electrical plug from the power strip. Once I passed it through, I was able to plug it to the wall an insert the drawer back in. 


5. Attach Power Strip to the inside of the Drawer

I simply used some Gorilla Tape and attached the power strip on the back of the drawer and placed it about 2 inches above the bottom to allow space for bigger plugs.

6. Organize!

Now we are ready for my favorite part, the organization! I always try to get creative when organizing my drawers because who are kidding, organizational tools can get quite expensive. This past Christmas, my mother-in-law gifted a wine set that came in this box. I just knew I had to keep the box for something! So I used my dremmel to cut a circle in the back to allow all my cables to pass through to the power strip. 

Use unexpected items to help you organize! I used this old wine gift box to organize my nightstand!

Use unexpected items to help you organize! I used this old wine gift box to organize my nightstand!

I even used my Dremmel to cut a circle on the back to be able to pass the wires through.

Add your devices and enjoy!

I used the largest area to store all my electric devices with their chargers. This allowed me to keep all my devices close, but storing them in a drawer out of sight. What a difference right?! So happy I finally got this project completed!

What a difference it makes to not see any ugly cables! Loving how the room looks nice and clean now.

I hope you found this post useful! How do you organize your nightstand? Leave me a comment below!

Happy DIYing!

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