Light & Bright Spring Tablescape + Styling Tips

Is anyone else super excited for Spring? I know I am! This winter has been hard...even in usually sunny Florida! We've had colder temperatures than I'm used to and I'm ready for a break! So as soon as March rolled around, I was ready to put away my winter decor and start bringing in some more colorful pieces that make me wish for spring.  

In our home, we have one big great room that incorporates the dining room, kitchen, and family room. Although an open concept space like this can have its pros and cons, I love how updating just one section of the room can update the entire space. 

One of the sections that I like to start decorating is the dining room because I feel that it sets a nice setting for the rest of the decor throughout my home. I love creating a pretty tablescape with beautiful, bright colors to welcome spring in and thought I would bring you in the process of how I got about creating mine. 

Choose a Theme

Setting up a pretty tablescape to help set the theme of my spring decor is my favorite way to start decorating. It's so much fun creating a mood and seeing everything come together. This year, I decided to go with a light and bright theme for my spring look. I've been craving warm weather and sunshine and that has definitely translated into my decor. As you will see, I've scattered touches of yellow throughout this room. It's the perfect color to bring spring in with a bang!

Our little bar area got a little update with some beautiful pink faux roses. I love the pop of color they bring into our newly painted light gray walls. The small painting up top helps carry the yellow tones to this part of the room along with the gold frame of the painting below.

Get Creative


If you've been following me on instagram (@housebythepreserve) then you've already seen a sneak peak into our updated dining room. I took our plate gallery wall down when we were in the process of painting our walls from a light beige to light gray. When everything was dry and we were in the process of hanging everything back up, setting up the plates curving up the window was a spur of the moment change. We didn't plan it or put as much thought as we did in our original design and I'm SO glad we went with it. It turned out so pretty and it has become one of my favorite features in the room. 

Balance Color

Since our table is a darker shade of wood, I decided to keep everything on top very light. I used white chargers with our new Corel plates that have just a hint of navy. I added a pop of pink with  some faux hydrengeas. I love how they look against the white plates and they added just the right amount of spring color to the table.

Keep it Simple

I kept the napkins simple by just keeping them the same color as the plates but added a touch of glam with the napkin ring.

I wanted to have the pink flowers on top of the plates stand out, so I decided to keep the center piece very simple. Just 4 small clear vases with a sprig of greenery to bring in some more natural elements and interest to the table.

Consistency is Key

I added touches of yellow throughout the dining room to carry the color from the side chairs of the dining table. I purchased these faux flowers last year at and That! and have been moving them around my home ever since. I love the pop of color that they add to the room and love them even more now in front of our gallery plate wall.

I carried that touch of yellow to the tablescape by adding a slice of lemon to each water glass. Not only is lemon water delish but also helps carry the yellow from the side table to the dining table and the bar area. As you can tell from this theme, yellow is going to be my color of choice for this spring!

Shop your Home

I had a blast creating this look in our dining room and enjoyed seeing it all come together. I love going through the process of shopping my home and creating something new. As you may have noticed, I didn't purchase anything new to create this look. Everything was from my own home, just lived in different areas. It's amazing how much a piece can change by just moving it to a different area in your house. It gives the object an entire new look and your eyes something else to look at in the space.

I hope that you found this post useful and that it provided a little inspiration for your own home. I know that sometimes it's hard to get caught up in all the pretty images on Instagram and Pinterest and feel a little discouraged because the budget may not support your decorating wants. I hope that I've shown you ways that you can use your existing decor in different ways and throughout different rooms to create a space that you truly love.

Happy Decorating!

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