$100 Room Challenge: Closet Office Inspiration

This year has started off strong with house projects because I joined Erin from Lemons, Laundry, and Lavender for another round of the $100 Room Challenge. That means that I'm transforming a space in my home: a closet into an office in just one month for $100 or less. 

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I've been super busy this week, researching what type of wood would be most budget friendly but durable for my desk area and clearing the closet in order to get ready to paint. Can you guess what color I've decided to go with?! If you guessed blue, then you know me well! After several paint chips collected, my husband and I finally settled on "Infinite Deep Sea" by Behr Marquee. It's a lovely bold blue that will make the closet pop against the light gray walls of the rest of the room. I also have a big window on the opposite wall of the closet that provides ample amounts of natural light.


I've been doing a lot of research on closet office's and below are some of my favorite images that helped seal the deal that a closet office was the best route to go for the Playroom/Office room.

Source:  The Cofran Home .

I just love how the blue pops in this closet and the wicker baskets up top keep all your supplies at hand but in a pretty little container. I've been eyeing a similar chair from Amazon for weeks now and just don't know if I'll be able to fit it in the budget. But hey, a girl can dream, no?

There's no wasted space in this little closet! This is exactly what I want to focus on when building my own - making sure that I make the most of the space and design a desk and shelves that work with how I want it to function. I'd hate to do all this work and still not have a dedicate space for my printer and Cricut machines!

Source: Apartment Therapy,   Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina   House Tour

Source: Apartment Therapy, Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina House Tour

The pattern behind the computer screen is so pretty and I plan on replicating something similar with the wall paper I showed you in week one. Hopefully I will have enough to cover behind the desk! Removing the doors to the closet is a must because I want the office to feel like it's part of the room rather than a space that should be closed off.

Closet Office Mood Board

If you remember from last week, I plan on making my desk run the entire length of the closet in order to maximize space, that's 8 feet! This week, I've planned out how I will actually be finishing off the space.

The current plan is to paint the entire closet in the deep blue color I mentioned above, "Infinite Deep Sea." In order to keep things from getting too dark, most of the shelves will be painted white with the exception of the desk, which I will be lightly staining and applying a couple of coats of polyurethane in order to protect the surface.

I have just one roll of this amazing wall paper that I purchased early last year from Home Goods for $18! I'm hoping to have enough wall paper to cover the entire wall behind the desk area...wish me luck!

I've also been busy this week shopping my house for accessories. I remembered that I have two Ikea Barometer table lamps up in the attic that I want to incorporate in the space. I do most of my work at night after my little one has gone to bed, so good lighting is a must for my work space. 

When we decorated my husband's office, we invested in a lot of these white storage boxes from Hollar. They are great for corralling all those little things that you don't typically use every day but want to have easily accessible for when the crafting inspiration hits. So, I'll be moving them all into my little area now that I will have a space all to my own. 


Since my desk is going to run the entire length of the closet, I wanted to add something like drawers to make the space below the desk useful. But building drawers was out of the question with the $100 budget, so after searching my house, I've decided to use Ikea's Raskog cart that we used to use in our pantry. I think it will fit perfectly underneath the desk and I'll be able to slide it out whenever I need it.

The rest of the items are all on my wish list but it will all depend on how much we actually spend on the wood and materials to get the desk and shelving completed. I've been eyeing this wood pyramid chair from Amazon for months now and would love to be able to find something similar that's within my price range. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

That's my plan so far! What do you guys think?

The Budget...so far!

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NuWallpaper Makarresh Wallpaper - $0 (already owned)

1 Quart of "Infinite Deep Sea" by Behr Marquee - $19.36

Money Remaining: $80.64

The Plan for this Week:

  1. Remove wire shelving
  2. Patch all holes and lightly sand
  3. Paint closet
  4. Purchase wood and begin installation

Are you excited to see how it turns out?

Join me every Wednesday for the month of January where I will share my progress with the final reveal on January 31st! Sign up below if you want to make sure you don't miss a thing and receive an email reminder with every post! (but don't worry, I will never spam you!)

Can't wait to show you my progress next week! 

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers participating below, it's truly inspiring to see all that can be accomplished with just a $100 budget!