A Master Bathroom Refresh for under $1000

You guys, the day is finally here! We have finally decided to start giving our master bathroom a refresh.

Ever since moving into this house, the master bathroom has irked me. It's a roughly 5'x15' space that has six doors. SIX! Let me show you what I mean:




After 5 years of living here, my husband and I have decided that we've had enough and are finally planning on doing something about it.

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As much as I would love to gut the entire space and start over, that's just not in the cards right now. So we've decided to keep the tile and vanity as is. One day, I would love to tear out this tile but at this point if we are going to be tearing anything out of the house it's going to be kitchen!

This makeover is going to take us a little bit, so we are doing it by sections. That’s the reality of DIYing with little ones around!

First, we’re tackling the main area, then we'll tackle the toilet room, and lastly we will tackle the doors. As much as I would've liked to redo the entire space at the same time, this is the best plan we could come up with so we can still focus on our babies. Plus, it's easier on the wallet this way as well.

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The tile in this space isn't my favorite or something that I would have chosen myself but it's not horrible and it's in great condition. So instead of trying to hide it, I've decided that I'm going to embrace it. Starting with the walls. We’re painting them a nice warm white to help bring out the white tones in the faux travertine tiles. After testing several white paints we decided to go with "Palais White" by Behr from the Home Depot.

Over in the vanity area, I plan on updating it by swapping out the lighting and cabinet and replacing them with brass ones. The brass will help update the space and also will go nicely with the beige tiles.

BEFORE: Bathroom Vanity

On the floor, I'm planning on using one of my smaller area rugs that previously lived in the kitchen. The blue and brown tones will help bring color to the space without clashing with the tile.

The biggest change and the one that I'm most excited about is updating the shower doors. We currently have framed tracked doors that are just awful. Awful to look at and awful to keep clean. So our biggest splurge for this makeover is updating to frameless glass doors. We searched and searched and finally found a frameless glass door kit within our price range that we plan on installing ourselves. Can't wait to see how they will transform the space! Stay tuned for a blog post!

BEFORE: Saying goodbye to these shower doors!

One good thing about our master bathroom is that we have his and hers closets. As much as I love having a bunch of closet space just for me, I also want to make it pretty. So in both closets, I plan on removing the doors - making the total doors in the bathroom now to four. I can live with four doors. This will also help make the bathroom feel a lot more spacious without having to knock down any walls.

Over in the toilet room, I'm planning on using this beautiful wallpaper that I found on Amazon. I'll have to work on the storage solutions in this space as well. I'm hoping that I can reuse the shelves that are currently installed in this space. Simple updates, like changing out the toilet seat and updating the boob light will make this room feel like new.

BEFORE: Toilet Room

BEFORE: Toilet Room

I honestly can’t wait to get this bathroom transformation finished. This bathroom has been a real eyesore for so long and I’m so happy to finally be able to do something about it! If you want to see sneak peaks, be sure to follow along my Instagram stories (@housebythepreserve) where I’ll be sharing the entire process from beginning to end!

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