Simple Updates for a Beautiful Master Bedroom Retreat

Welcome to my master bedroom summer refresh!

If you have been following my stories on Instagram, then you know that we are in the middle of a master bathroom makeover. We are currently waiting for the frameless shower doors to arrive, so I decided that in the mean time, I would give our master bedroom a little makeover as well.

Here is a sneak peak of the master bathroom:

The best part about this makeover is that I didn't spend a dime. Yep you read that right. No money was spent in creating this simple makeover. I simply moved in decor items from other parts of my home to make them feel fresh and new again. It's my absolute favorite way to decorate. Stick around and you will see how I do the exact same thing to the other rooms in my home as I add summer decor.

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I started by giving our nightstands a little decor refresh and used some of my favorite decorating books to add height and help ground the space. I've really been into using plants and flowers to add color and life into our home, so I used some of my favorite faux peonies from Amazon.

On my husband's nightstand, I placed a philodendron plant that my husband gifted me for mother's day. He said his side felt more masculine with the plant instead of the flowers so he's been happy with the change. I also layered some art and a cute wedding picture to help break up the mirror and add some more color.  

I've really been enjoying a very uncomplicated bed recently. Since we got our navy upholstered bed during Wayfair's Way Day several months back, I've kept the bedding simple, choosing to use a white quilt with just two throw pillows to add a pop of color.

Over in the desk area, I added some more of the faux peonies to carry that pinkish color throughout the room. I also helped ground the desk by adding a big basket underneath. It was previously sitting inside my closet, I can't believe it took me this long to bring it out!

Things over in our dresser area have stayed the same. I'm still loving these brass pots that my mom handed down to me. I've just added some faux flowers to help hide the TV speakers and cables in the back of them.

My absolute favorite update is over by the electric fireplace where above I've updated all our family pictures to include our baby girl. I printed all of these pictures at home and kept them in black and white so that they would be more uniform.

With just these simple updates, the room feels calm and relaxing. Just what we need after a long day of chasing after two little ones.

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