Home Office Closet Refresh

As the baby due date gets closer, the more I start to organize and purge items from my home. I have been in full closet transformation zone lately and have tackled several closets in our house already. This week, I tackled the closet in our home office.

Home Office Closet BEFORE

This closet has taken quite the transformation. When we first moved in, it started as the first version of my closet office. But as our family grew, I quickly realized that we needed to give my husband a home office of his own as he works from home full time while I needed a space that I could also keep an eye on Lucas. So I moved my closet office to our guest room and turned the rest of the space into a playroom.

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Home Office Reveal

Closet Office 1

Closet Office 2

I simply put the closet doors back in the closet for the home office and didn't do anything with the space since. It's now become a dumping ground for anything and everything around the house that doesn't have a permanent home. Needless to say, it was finally time to tackle this space and make it functional again!

I first started by updating the paint color to match the dark blue on the shelf wall in the office. I absolutely love this color and has become the accent color in several rooms in our home.

Home Office Wall to Wall Shelves

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

Second Closet Office

Second Closet Office

 When thinking about how we wanted this space to function, we needed more storage as currently there is only one shelf in the closet BUT we didn't want to spend a lot of money. As we are in the process of finishing the lanai enclosure, that meant that we were going to need furnish that space. Since it's primary purpose is to be a playroom, we decided to update the furniture in our master bedroom and use our current master bedroom furniture (minus the bed) to furnish the new playroom. That meant that I had an extra 3 drawer dresser to use somewhere else around the house. I decided it was the perfect piece to add a little more functionality to the home office closet without having to spend any money.

Since I plan on keeping the closet doors off, the IKEA Hemnes three drawer dresser is perfect for this space because it provides an ample amount of hidden storage. I can hide all of my husband video game toys and accessories while still having them accessible whenever he should want to use them.

For above the dresser, I had a vision of creating an old school vintage bar set up. I brought in my favorite round silver tray that I found several years ago at Home Goods to help reflect light up in the dark closet. I dressed up the tray by using some of my husband's favorite whiskey's along with some glasses and a gold metal bowl I got from Tuesday Morning. Dressed it all up with some flowers, a fun family picture, lemons and limes and finished it off by hanging up one of our favorite map prints.

Keeping the closet doors makes the room feel a lot larger than it really is and creates a cool little focal point as you walk into the office space.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite way to creatively use a closet?

Happy Decorating!