How to Create a Moody Home Office Space

Creating a home office space that's not only comfortable but functional has been a slow process for us. My husband works from home most of the time and that means that he needs a space solely dedicated to getting work done. We've slowly been making improvements to his home office to make sure it's a space that not only works for him, but also makes the room a functional space whenever office hours are over.

I recently finished my own home office by converting the closet in our playroom into my very own space for the $100 Room Challenge. Check out the reveal here.

The home office has undergone quite the transformation since we started decorating his room. You see, we live in a 4 bedroom home, but none of the rooms were meant to be used as a home office. So when deciding the best place for my husband to work from, the most logical space was turning one of the bedrooms into an office that would provide him with the space he needed.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that the last time we showed this space, we revealed the wall to wall shelving we DIY'd. The shelves made a HUGE statement in the room but honestly, they were so big that I struggled with decorating them without making them look too cluttered. I would spend a few days tweaking here and there but never fully happy with how they looked. 


This is what led to this current makeover and I have to say that I'm finally happy with how the shelves look! It only too about 10 tries!  Kidding...not kidding! We started off by removing everything and giving the wall a little makeover by painting it a beautiful dark blue called "Infinite Deep Sea" by Behr. The color change made all the difference and as soon as we let the wall dry and hung the shelves back up, I was ready to tackle the decorating the shelves again.

Home office lounge area

The key to making this room not just feel like an office but a room that we can hang out in was the blue velvet sofa chair. By adding a little metal side table that I found at and That! and a brass floor lamp from Target created this cozy little space that made the office feel like a little library. It's always been my dream to have an at home library and I finally have one!

We also added a vintage Victor radio that used to live in our dining room. My husband loves music so it's only fitting that he should have it in his office. By adding a little bar area on the shelves where my hubby gets to display his favorite Scotch a la Mad Men style gives this room a little bit more personality and another purpose. So now, not only is this room an office during the day but a library, a lounge space, music, and a bar at night. 



On the corner, we tucked his computer and a TV that's doubling as a monitor, which gives yet another use to this room for after office hours TV viewing. Above the TV, I hung a linen cork board that I decorated with some of his rifle badges from his time in the United States Marines. His desk is from World Market that he purchased years ago. It provides ample room for him to store all his stuff and keep some things tucked away in the drawers.  As a surprise, I purchased and decorated this Unites States metal shelf to store all his favorite mementos. 

To give the door a little bit of interest and style, I got to work on my Cricut and created this simple vinyl Office sign. I just love how text reminds me of an old style glass door. But since changing our door to a glass one is a little out the budget right now, this is the next best thing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing this little makeover of our home office and how we made sure to give it other uses for after office hours fun!

Happy Decorating!

Maria Lorena  - House by the Preserve