$100 Room Challenge: Laundry Room Organization

It's week two of the $100 Room Challenge and boy have I been busy! The lovely Erin from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry created the $100 Room Challenge where you chose a room in your home to update/refresh for just $100 in one month. I've participated several times and let me tell you, it's amazing how far you can make $100 go when you really put some creativity and effort into it. 

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As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going to be tackling our small laundry room. My to-do list for this week was big but I was determined to get this room organized and sparkling clean so it made the process a whole lot easier since I was in the right frame of mind to get it done!

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I decided to start by tackling the door. A few years ago, I painted both sides of the door with black chalk paint, thinking that it would be cute to be able to draw on the door and have a command center on it. But to be honest, writing on a door with chalk isn't easy and with a toddler running around, it was always getting smudged. So I quickly gave up on the idea. The chalk paint also made the small laundry room feel even smaller and dark. 


After one coat....2 more to go!

Since I was going from black to white, I started by giving the door several light coats of primer. Here is my favorite primer; I always seem to have some of this around the house from a previous project. I've found that the best way to paint a door is by using a small foam roller for the larger flat areas and a small paint brush for the indentations in the door. 

After three light coats, I decided that it was time to paint. I recently repainted all of the baseboards in our home with this paint and decided that I would also use it on this door. The sheen is what helps make the door super high gloss and durable. I love how it can easily be wiped down as this door gets a lot of abuse as we're always entering and leaving our home through here. 

Since I used a primer, painting the door was a breeze and I only had to give it two coats. I'm super happy with how much it helped brighten the laundry room and suddenly make it seem larger in here! Super excited with my progress that I even gave our little garage entrance a quick refresh!



Now back in the laundry room, it was time to finally start tackling these cabinets! They were honestly filled with stuff I never used or even knew that was in there. So I started by taking everything out and giving the cabinets a good cleaning. I used my favorite Mrs. Meyers Concentrate with water and a microfiber cloth.

The Before….

The Before….

Mrs. Meyers Concentrate Cleaner  - a little goes a long way!

Mrs. Meyers Concentrate Cleaner - a little goes a long way!

I then purged what I didn't want or had a need for and created a plan for putting everything back. Above the washer on the first shelf would be the products that are typically used in the washing machine or for treating stains while on the cabinet above the dryer I would store items I use with the dryer or after drying, such as our wool dryer ball with my favorite lavender essential oil, and any ironing supplies. I left the top shelves on both cabinets for things that I needed to store but don't use every day, like extra light bulbs, cleaning towels, and our emergency supply of candles in case the power goes out. 

I'm so happy with how it turned out and I honestly don't feel anxious every time I open these cabinet doors. Everything that is stored in there is stuff that we need and knowing where everything is making me feel a whole lot better. 

After - Above washing machine

After - Above dryer

After I finished organizing the cabinets, I decided to dress them up a little bit. I've always wanted to put hardware on these cabinets but I've never actually got around to it. There was always some other space around the house that bumped its priority. But while I was cleaning out the cabinets, I ran into a little box where I had stored old knobs that I removed from the IKEA Hemnes furniture we have in our master bedroom. A year ago, I finally updated the hardware and had kept the old knobs just in case! I decided to dress them up with some gold spray paint that I had left over from my kitchen makeover a couple of months ago. Super simple yet pretty! It was the perfect little touch to dress up these white cabinets.

Here's what I've accomplished so far and what I still have on my To-Do list:


  1. Clean and organize cabinets so that I'm able to fit all my laundry care items.

  2. Add cabinet pulls to dress them up.

  3. Paint black door white to help brighten the room.


  1. Update lighting - no more boob light!

  2. Fun wall treatment - can't wait to show you what I have planned!

  3. Decorate - make it pretty and functional!

  4. Paint black door white to help brighten the room.

  5. Add a fun detail to the interior laundry room door.

The Budget...so far!

All of the materials listed above are ones that I've already had on hand from previous projects! So far zero money spent on this makeover but a lot of hard labor!

Are you excited to see how it turns out?

Join me every Wednesday for the month of September where I'll share my progress with the final reveal on September 26th! Sign up before if you want to make sure you don't miss a thing and receive an email reminder with every post! (but don't worry, I'll never spam you!)

Can't wait to show you my progress next week!

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