$100 Room Challenge, Week 4: Big Boy Room Reveal

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I can't  believe it has already been four weeks since I started transforming my little one's nursery into a big boy room for the $100 Room Challenge that is hosted by Erin over at Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. If you are just joining in, the $100 Room Challenge is where I get to chose a room in my home to update it for $100 or less in just one month. 

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Now before I show you how the room looks like now, let's revisit how the room used to look like as a nursery:

And here's what the room looks like now:

I absolutely love the transformation in this room. Since we decided to turn the guest room into a play room, I was fortunate to reuse the frame and mattress in my little one's bedroom. This allows me to use the room as guest room the couple of times a year we have overnight guests and gives my little one a new big boy bed to get excited about. 

This platform bed went on a full transformation for this challenge and I love how it turned out. (check out my post here to read more about this bed) It looks really pretty in the room and with the gallery wall on one side and the DIY rope sign at the head of the bed it really anchors the space. 

I was a little concerned about putting a queen size bed in my little one's room because I wanted to make sure he had room to play in there. My solution was easy! I moved the Ikea Hemnes 3-drawer dresser that I use as a changing table inside his closet. This opened up so much floor space and allows the room to feel bigger. I made the closet as inviting as I could for my baby boy so that changing diapers wouldn't feel cramped in there. So far, he seems to love it.

I switched the wall where his shelves hung to the opposite wall because I didn't want the bed to be right under them. I have to say that I like this location a lot better in the room. It seems to make more sense in here and I get to display all my little one's special books and knickknacks that friends and family have gifted him. 

The red and cream stripped rug in the room originally was used in our great room with the intention of giving our baby boy a place to play while I was in the kitchen and have him be off the cold, hard tile. But to be honest, he never used it and always found himself sitting right on the tile no matter how many times I tried to entice him to sit and play on the rug. So I decided to bring it into his room to help bring in some color and help protect the carpeting should any messes happen in here.

Aside from the bed, one of my favorite parts of this transformation is painting the closet doors navy blue. This totally changed the look of the room and brought in some color without my having to paint the walls. I was lucky enough to have enough paint leftover from my powder room transformation for the previous $100 Room Challenge so this look was completed with zero dollars! I relocated some small oars that previously lived above the crib right over the closet doors to complete this little area.

Right next to the closet doors is where the red Hemnes 3-drawer dresser that I use as a changing table used to live. I created some shelves by hanging some wood crates on the wall. I wanted the crates to pop since they now will be the only thing decorating this wall, so my husband suggested that we paint them bright yellow. I have to say that I'm quite happy with how they turned out. By getting a small sample of paint - Yellow Flash by Behr - at Home Depot, I was able to change the look of these crates for just $3.48! (Thanks Erin for the tip!!)

I rearranged all the previous decor in the room in different ways to make them look fresh and new. Such an easy way to update a space without spending a dime! 

The Budget:

Nautical Duvet Cover for $52.99

Anchor Sheets - Wayfair.com $20.90

Anchor Sheets - Wayfair.com $20.90

5" Caster Wheels from Amazon for $29.87

Behr paint sample in Yellow Flash $3.48

Behr paint sample in Yellow Flash $3.48

TOTAL: $107.24 - $7.24 over budget 

I found queen size anchor sheet set on Wayfair.com a few weeks ago and I knew it would put me over budget, but I just couldn't pass them up. They totally help pull the room together along with the duvet cover, so I can live with being $7.24 over budget. What do you think? Would you have gotten the sheets?! Leave me a comment below and make sure you check out the reveals from an amazing group of bloggers below:




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