$100 Room Challenge, Week 2: Big Boy Room Inspiration

It's week two of the $100 Room Challenge and I'm super excited because this week, I get to show you what I am thinking about creating for this space. If you're just joining me, I joined the $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin over at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry. If you are unfamiliar with the challenge, the goal is to update/refresh a room for just $100 or less in one month.

Check out my powder room reveal that I completed in the last challenge.

For this month, I'm planning on converting my little one's nursery into a big boy room. As much as it pains me to see the nursery go away, I'm so super excited to create this new space for our baby boy. Not only am I hoping that it will convince him to sleep in his own bed rather than ours, but I want to provide him with a room that will grow with him and that can be easily updated with just a change of bedding and a few accessories.

I created a mood board to help keep my thoughts together and start planning and creating an action plan to tackle the space. 

Let's talk about the main pieces in the room:


I plan on refinishing the bed that used to live in our guest room into a low toddler bed. After much thought, my husband and I decided to turn the guest room into a playroom and repurpose the bed for Lucas. Our thought was, why have a room that only gets used a couple of time throughout the year? We decided that a better use for the space for our family was to turn the room into a playroom/office. So that leaves me with a queen size that I have to adjust for a toddler. 

I plan on cutting the current legs off so that the bed sits closer to the floor and placing the bed in a corner so that the bed will have two protected sides with walls, making a good option for our little guy. In order to give the bed a more masculine, industrial look, I want to add casters as the beds new legs. This still keeps the bed low to the ground for our boy and also provides easy mobility for when we make the bed.

I figured the bulk of my budget would go to the bedding since I don't really have bedding that I could reuse that fits the nautical them of them room. I found a beautiful duvet cover on Wayfair for $55.99. You really can't beat that price for a nice duvet and it totally fits the nautical them I'm after. And there you go folks, I just spent more than 50% of my $100 budget and I still have an entire room to restyle. I am going to have to get super creative! 

Closet Doors

The room is already painted a "Natural Gray" by Behr. I wanted to bring in some more color, but as you can see above, I don't really have enough money in the budget to buy paint. So I decided to focus on the closet doors to help me bring in some much needed color. If you saw my last $100 Room Challenge, you know that I painted our powder room in "Very Navy" by Behr. I still have half a gallon left so I decided it was the perfect color to use on the closet doors...just hope there's enough of it to finish! Wish me luck!

Milk Crates

If you saw the nursery post, you know that right next to the closet doors is the changing table area where I hung two milk crates on the wall for additional storage. The dresser that I was using as the changing table is being moved to inside the closet so that Lucas has more floor space to play. I plan on keeping the milk crates in the same location, but want to spruce them up a little to help me bring more color to the room. My husband suggested that we paint them a bright yellow and I have to say that I'm quite happy with that choice. So yellow it is! Hopefully I have enough money in the budget to actually buy yellow paint...

Above the bed Decor

I want to do something really cool for above the bed as I don't have money in the budget to make or invest in a headboard. I am thinking that maybe I can DIY something like the 'Ahoy Sailor' art piece pictured above on my mood board. i'm going to have to get creative with this one!


For the rest of the room, I want to restyle the pieces that were already in the room. I'm hoping that by moving them around in the space and using them in new ways it will make them feel fresh and new.

As I type all this, I am starting to get REALLY nervous. I hope that I am able to finish the room without totally blowing my budget! Speaking of the budget, lets see what I've already spent:

The Budget:

Anchor Queen Size Duvet Cover Set: $55.99

Total: $55.99

Stay tuned for next week to see if I totally blow this budget or if I am able to reel things back in! Don't forget to check out the progress for the other bloggers participating below!

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